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Top Christmas Gifts for Tradesmen


With Christmas just around the corner, here are our favourite gift ideas for tradies!


Just what does a tradesman like for Christmas?

We have sent all of our apprentice-Elves out to find the ten best Christmas gift ideas for tradesmen. There are options here to suit any budget, with everything from gag gifts to presents that will help your friend every day on the job.

Get the wrapping paper ready!

1. Makita DMR104W Job Site Radio Stereo with DAB and FM – White

1. Makita DMR104W Job Site Radio Stereo with DAB and FM - White


Everyone likes a bit of music on the job. That being said, a building site can be a dangerous place for your average radio. Now, you could solve this issue by making your own music, or you could invest in a radio that is built to survive being knocked about.

The Makita DMR104W Job Site Radio is made with ‘bumpers and metal pipes’, along with a casing made from sturdy and corrosion-resistant ABS Plastic. Luckily for those of us stuck with wet weather, it can also withstand up to five minutes of exposure to rain.

In other words, this particular radio is built to last, with customer Ross Alexander going so far as to call it “indestructible”.

As you might have guessed, a number of the Amazon customers who have bought the model are tradesmen. One John Bratton said: “Quality built radio, very robust ideal for everyday wear and tear on site.”

Since the Makita DMR104W is still a radio, its ability to play music is probably what matters the most. It has a robust ‘anti-shock’ speaker system and a ‘powerful output’, at least according to the product description, but customers too have praised the quality of the sound.

Sofia Stecko said: “My dad is chuffed with this radio, really easy to set up and great sound quality.”

Carl Brabin wrote: “Clear sound, easy set-up & does exactly what it claims. Well worth buying if you need a job site radio.”

If you know a tradie who needs a radio that will can withstand a hard day’s work, this could be exactly what they are looking for.

2. Best Magnetic Wristbands

2. Best Magnetic Wristbands


When you’re working on anything from a new house to a flat-pack wardrobe, one of the most annoying things that can happen is losing a fastener.

Luckily, theMAY-Magnetic Wristband seems to be designed for just about any situation. This magnetic wristband will let you keep all of your nails, screws or any other inconveniently tiny pieces of metal safe and stationary so that you can keep plenty to hand (or wrist) at once.

The design is made from ‘ballistic polyester’ which is strong, breathable and highly water resistant. You can just imagine how much this would come in handy working in a space where you need both of your hands free, such as on top of a roof.

Reviewer Aly said: “Ordered this for my Husband as he is forever losing screws, bits or pins when doing a bit of diy. It’s brilliant.”

As a magnet, the main question worth asking is just how strong it is. The MAY model is ‘embedded with 5 super strong neodymium magnets’ which supposedly make it much stronger than the competition.

While you always have to take a manufacturer’s claims with a bit of caution the customer reviews seem to back it up, with reviewer Mrs D claiming that her brother in law’s model was “that strong it even picked up a glue trowel!”

If you want to make a friend’s working day much less finicky, this could be the ideal present for them.

3. MAKITA 831278-2 Tool Bag for LXT400

3. MAKITA 831278-2 Tool Bag for LXT400


Any trade professional with a posse of tools needs a strong but easily portable tool bag.

The MAKITA 831278-2 Tool Bag is durable and spacious, with plenty of pockets and even a handy little bungee cord for added storage. It has as much space and protection as a tradie could need, with a sturdy bottom to boot.

“Quality bag strong and fits lots of tools in it boyfriend was very pleased with it,” wrote reviewer ‘betty boop’.

Williejog said: “Fantastic bag for the price very large with wheels really well made. Space for battery tools as well as tools plenty pockets.”

Out of 206 Amazon reviews, over 93% gave the bag four stars or more. The vast majority of customers have praised the product for the amount of space it offers, with one even saying they had used it for a weekend away! 

4. Fluffy Dice Fuzzy Dice Car Plush Dice for Car.

4. Fluffy Dice Fuzzy Dice Car Plush Dice for Car.

Do the Fuzzy Dice really need an introduction?

When you use your vehicle every day for work, it starts to seem like another colleague: it eats, it rests, it gets ill and sometimes it just does whatever it frigging well likes.

The Fuzzy Dice have always been a favourite of those who like to show their car or van some appreciation. Only a philistine would ever call Fuzzy Dice ‘corny’ or ‘silly’; not only are they incredibly cool, but they are also surprisingly useful if you forget how many gears you have.

It takes a certain connoisseur to appreciate Fuzzy Dice, especially when it comes in your favourite colour. Receiving one as a gift is the sign of the greatest respect!


5. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Colouring Book

5. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Colouring Book


Nobody will argue that working in a trade can be stressful. There are worries about finding business, deadbeat customers and gutless tool thieves, not to mention exhausting work.

You might laugh, but thousands of adults have benefitted from these phenomenal and intricate colouring books. Shading in a picture can help calm the mind and, even if we might not like to admit it, there’s still a lot of satisfaction in getting your design just right.

Any friend of yours who has been having a tough time this year could really benefit from giving ‘Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Colouring Book’ a go. The art is of a great quality, so full of strange shapes and aquatic creatures that it almost makes you feel as though you’re colouring in a window in a glass-bottomed boat.

Granted, this kind of hobby is not for everybody, but if you have a mate with an artistic eye and overburdened shoulders, then an adult colouring book could be just what they need to relax.


6. Gerber Multi-Tool Suspension, Grau, GE22-41471

6. Gerber Multi-Tool Suspension, Grau, GE22-41471


The more you learn about DIY, the more you start to notice little things around you that need fixing. Unfortunately, you can’t have your tool kit with you every second of every day, which is why having a good multitool is an absolute must!

Whether you are a day-to-day tradie or a DIY-fanatic, everyone can benefit from having something to hand for taking care of all the little jobs. The Gerber Multi-Tool Suspension has more options than a Chinese takeaway, including spring-loaded pliers, scissors, cross and flathead screwdrivers and, thankfully, a bottle opener.

For when you need your Gerber on the job, there is a handy lanyard hole, as well as a pouch for keeping it on your belt.

“I have owned a Gerber multi tool for about 20 years and it has never let me down,” wrote Chambres, who gave the product 5 stars. “I bought this one as a gift for my father and I was not disappointed with the quality on its arrival. In fact I was a little jealous as this new model looks great and feels good in the hand. Good to see you can still fully dismantle the item to clean and service to ensure it lasts many years.”

One of the biggest attractions of a Gerber model is its ‘Patented Saf.T.Plus’ design. This ensures that once a tool is out, it stays in place. Not only does this make the model much easier to use with one hand, it also makes its blade options much safer.

Reviewer J. C. Hare said: “The locking blades are fantastic & prevent the nasty accidents that are normally associated with multi-tools, I have had cheaper ones before & had the knife blade flip over & requiring a visit to A&E. No chance of this happening with this Gerber multi-tool, the knife blade is so sharp, I could almost shave with it (not recommended).”

7. Death Wish Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee

7. Death Wish Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee


Be honest, how many people need a good cup of coffee to get them through the work day?

We’re not talking about some spiced latte that you drink for pleasure, we’re talking real coffee that turns your blood to caffeine and gives you the energy of a leaping jaguar.

Death Wish Coffee claims to be the strongest brand in the world. While reviewers seem to disagree on this, it does contain twice the caffeine of ‘average coffee’, which sounds like just what you need on a Monday morning.

JJBazaar said: “Possibly the strongest coffee I’ve ever had….it certainly punches through in flavour where other coffee’s can’t reach…definitely a wake up call and then some!!”

There is a lot worth mentioning about this brand of bean aside from the strength. Not only is Death Wish fair trade, but it also contains no artificial flavourings and is even suitable for vegans.

TClews said: “I HAVEN’T SLEPT. I CAN SMELL COLOURS AND FEEL SOUNDS. COFFEE IS LOVE, COFFEE IS LIFE. All jokes aside this is a lovely smooth and strong coffee 10/10 would recommend to a friend.”


8. American Art Classics – Donald Trump Toilet Paper

8. American Art Classics - Donald Trump Toilet Paper


For all his failures, Donald Trump has at least given us plenty to complain about.

Do you remember when George Bush was in charge and we all thought that he was barmy? Trump is so bad that hundreds of thousands of us voted to keep him out of the UK, and even now his proposed state visit has got our blood boiling.

Now, everybody has that one friend who complains about politics too much. Why not make their day with this superb Donald Trump Toilet Paper?

A Houwing reviewed it perfectly: “This is the best toilet paper ever. I mean, there’s never been a better toilet paper. This paper is big league. It’s so big league that it’s bragadocious. This paper will make all women flirt with you either consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected. This paper will, without a doubt, make pooping great again I tell you. Pooping will be the best, I can promise you that.”


9. Thumbs Up BUBCOS Bubble Costume

9. Thumbs Up BUBCOS Bubble Costume


Can you imagine,

How much fun everyone on the site could have,


There is no shortage at all of footage showing tradies doing insane tricks and dares with their equipment on site. Honestly, the BUBCOS Bubble Costume is just begging for a test drive with a real prankster.

That being said, the suit is also waterproof, making it a great costume option for anyone with festivals planned next year.

Reviewer N. Reid said: “Good for a laugh, excellent for a festival and cheaper than waterproofs! Kept the rain off and saved clothing from mud. Bit of a snug fit and obviously easily torn and ruined after one wear but then that’s kinda the point.”

Any fans of early noughties comedies might also recognise it as the same bubble suit from Dude, Where’s My Car?

“I bought this for the Otley run (pub crawl down Otley road, Leeds) which is usually done in fancy dress,” wrote B. Wilkinson. “This costume was the talking point and many people who remember that B movie from around 12 years ago knew exactly what was going on.”


10. A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic (Insight Editions)

10. A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic (Insight Editions)


Now, any real man knows that there is only one definitive Christmas story; only one movie that truly captures the spirit and strength of the holiday season.

I am of course talking about Die Hard.

‘A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic’ is a retelling of the classic shoot-em-up that will leave you in stitches. Not only are the one liners just as good as you remember, but the entire thing is written in rhyming couplets!

One page reads: “When what to his wonder eyes should appear – HOLY C***! THERE ARE TERRORISTS HERE?!”

The art is, even for a parody of a bloody-bullet-hole-ridden action film, absolutely charming. The caricatures are also surprisingly spot on, especially for Alan Rickman.

“Almost unmatched in wit for parody holiday themed violence.” wrote Diomni. “A good read to share with movie and xmas lovers everywhere- like my twisted family.”

The aptly-named Yippee Ki Christmas said: “I pre-ordered this after I saw an ad for it on Facebook back in September. It’s actually for my father in law and I’m so glad I got it. It really is a great treat.”


11. Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

11. Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set


Now, there are two friends who pretty much everybody has: the one that’s needlessly buff and the one who’s actually been keeping track of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Either one of those friends would appreciate this fantastic Mjolnir-style toolbox!

Made by ThinkGeek, the Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set is based on the weapon used by the thunder god. He most recently gave it a swing in this year’s sequel: ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’

‘You must be worthy in order to wield Thor’s hammer, but Marvel never mentioned any restrictions on Thor’s screwdriver or his pliers. Wield them all with our Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set!’

Though you might not get much use out of this as an actual hammer, there are some interesting features here. The ‘box’ comes with a decently selected 44 piece tool set and we had to laugh when we saw the tiny hammer-head hidden inside.

Ben Killen said: “This Freakin’ Rocks!! Another Spectacular Product from the Geniuses at ThinkGeek!!”


12. Star Wars Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover

12. Star Wars Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover


Hey, who said that dice were the only fuzzy things you can find in a car?

The Star Wars Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover is completely lame and we totally love it.

In case you were wondering, the answer is no: it was not made with real-Wookie. It was, however, sewn by hand with a nice marine-vinyl trim.

“Flippin coolest product ever,” said reviewer Darron. “Suuuper comfy and all my friends ask where I got it.”

As the picture so nicely shows, the cover can also be used for other straps. We can definitely picture this on an electric guitar.

Still, if you had one of these in a car how long do you think it would take to get sick of hearing: “You’re all clear kid! Don’t get cocky!”


13. Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Grill

13. Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Grill


Any real tradie knows that the fry-up is a sacred art form.

That being said, it’s also nice to be able to cook a massive breakfast quickly!

Master Pan’s Non-Stick Divided Grill comes with five separate ‘compartment pans’ that allow you to cook plenty of different dishes at once. While this already sounds perfect for a classic fry-up, the pan is also non-stick and stain resistant.

So, you get a fry-up five times faster AND cleaning it is easy?

Reviewer Cr Hanmer called it a “Top Notch Product.”

“Needed a solution to doing a cooked breakfast on a one burner stove wh n camping…. This was it… Amazing.


14. Spinning Hat Cap Zapa

14. Spinning Hat Cap Zapa


This is for anyone who wants a great way to throw away bottle caps (or send them hurtling at your mates).

The Spinning Hat Cap Zapa is a bottle opener, key chain and, let’s face it, just a fun toy. You ‘load’ it by opening a bottle, then press the button on top to fire the cap at your bin/ passed out friend’s head.

Amazon reviewer golly said: “Brilliant fun was had by all on Christmas Day , would recommend it for any chap you don’t know what to buy for.”





Have you ever gotten stumped while trying to come up with a decent excuse? Perhaps you’re one of unfortunate souls who couldn’t come up with a convincing lie to a puppy let alone your boss?

Presenting: the ‘Instant Excuse Ball.’A variation on the classic Magic 8-Ball, this adlib-aid contains around eight classic excuses such as ‘24 HOUR FLU’ and ‘JURY DUTY’.

“Bought this for my husband for his stocking stuffer and it was hilarious,” wrote reviewer Cindy Weinberg. “Such a great conversation piece. Had him take it to work and put it on his desk.”

16. Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

16. Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask


Now, a stainless steel flask is perfect for discretion. The downside is that while this convenient bottle might be portable, it’s also pretty small.

Maxam writes: “A perfectly timed sip from the Maxam 64oz Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask shows the mark of sophistication. Your friends and guests will be amazed by the size and capacity of this oversized flask.”The Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask attempts to solve that problem once and for all. This monster of a flask can hold half a gallon of whatever you choose. There are even other options which can hold up to two full gallons.

Talk about the Christmas spirit!

17. BBQ Gloves, Meat Claws and Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

17. BBQ Gloves, Meat Claws and Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

Winter might be on the way, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look forward to summer.

This BBQ Pro Club kit features a set of heat resistant cooking gloves, a digital thermometer and a set of ‘meat claws’ perfect for holding and shredding your food.

As fantastic as Christmas dinner is, barbecues are on a whole other level entirely. It’s a fact that everyone loves a good grill-master, so being able to impress at a BBQ means instant respect.

The gloves are heavy duty, able to withstand temperatures of nearly 250°C. Like the claws, they are also dishwasher-friendly.

“Good quality and everything I need for smoking and pulling some pork,” wrote Dennis L Hancock.

Denise Dorony said: “The gloves are heavy duty and keep the heat off your hands. The stainless steel meat forks are very easy to use and clean. I’m really impressed with this product.”


18. Comedy Rubber Chicken

18. Comedy Rubber Chicken


There are some gag gifts which can only be described as classic.

The Comedy Rubber Chicken is about as old-school as practical jokes can get. It does the name ‘rubber chicken’ proud as well, made as it is with an ‘artisan’s attention to detail in the hand finished eyes, beak and toes.’

SillyJokes.co.uk proclaims: ‘With the rubber chicken being the symbol of comedy alongside the Groucho Nose and Specs you’ll probably want to make sure you have one about your person at all times and this conveniently sized version is large enough to demonstrate your intentions without frightening the horses.’

We’re… not sure what that means, but this is definitely a timeless gag gift that anyone could appreciate.

19. SPIRIT LEVEL – Novelty Gift Boxed Cufflinks

19. SPIRIT LEVEL - Novelty Gift Boxed Cufflinks


A real tradie is always prepared, and that saying is completely on the level.

While you might not catch anyone wearing the ‘Spirit Level – Novelty Gift Shop Cufflinks’ to a wedding, they would be great for a work do. A DIY fanatic would certainly appreciate them the next time they try to put up a shelf.

Of course, they are still cufflinks, so naturally they come in their own ‘Lovely Presentation Box’.





Not much to say about this one, except that only REAL lovers of Christmas honour the age-old tradition of gifting ridiculous socks!

Granted, anyone who actually wears the ‘BLUW XMAS SILLY SLIPPER SOCKS’ might be eager to get their feet back into their work boots as soon as possible; we still have to admit that these red, white and black designs are, for the lack of a better term, absolutely jolly.

Luckily enough, they are fully machine washable and feature non-slip soles. This of course means that you can rest assured that these socks should last a very long time!

Mrs Emma J Scott said: “Brilliant stocking fillers.”

Reviewer Rachel Dean wrote: “Bought for an unexpected Christmas guest who brought no slippers and he loved these.”


21. Buzz Wire Drinking Game

21. Buzz Wire Drinking Game


There’s a common logic to virtually all drinking games: they usually get tougher the more drunk you get.

Now, the box of the Buzz Wire Drinking Game claims that the penalty shots are for wine, but reasonably speaking most people are probably going to be filling them with vodka or Jagermeister.

The game is simple: the players must guide the metal ring around the course without touching it. Otherwise, they drink a shot!

This sounds difficult enough, but why not make it even worse? Let’s call this the ‘Wise Tradesmen Rule’: The person guiding the ring also has to sing a Christmas carol backwards.


22. Breathalyser Keyring Tester

22. Breathalyser Keyring Tester


There’s one fact as hard and cold as a good pint: a tradesman cannot afford to lose his driving licence! Being banned from the roads can ruin a tradie’s business, but there is always one poor plonker who thinks he’ll be fine to drive after another pint.

The maker of the handy little Breathalyser Keyring Tester puts it perfectly: ‘You’ve had a few, and it’s time to go home to bed…the last thing you want is to get stopped by the PoPo on your way and wind up with a DUI. That’ll definitely ruin your fun and make travelling in winter even more cold!’

Once you breath onto this device it will let you know how much alcohol is in your blood. In other words, you can find out whether or not you are too drunk to drive home.

The description continues: ‘Simply blow into it and it’ll tell you how much alcohol is in your blood if you’re under the limit, you’re good to go. If not, it’s a taxi home for you mate!’


23. Salt and Pepper Wind Up Robots

23. Salt and Pepper Wind Up Robots


What’s that old saying about not playing with your food? Oh right: ‘It’s fine as long as it involves robots.’

There’s always one person who groans every time they have to pass you something, especially at lunch. Why not bring some joy into their life with this fun pair of ‘ideal condiment waiters’?

The Salt and Pepper Wind Up Robots might look like they’re staring into your soul, but they could definitely be a lot of fun on a lunch break. Maybe you could race or battle them to see who has to buy sandwiches for everyone!

Five-star-reviewer Peter said: “Very cute and quirky. Excellent value for money.An ideal present for someone who likes novel things.”


24. Grow Me – Hot Stuff

24. Grow Me - Hot Stuff


Do you have a friend who has to have Tabasco on everything?

Some people are lucky enough to be born with Asbestos tongues. They order the spiciest food on the menu and drink their tea without even blowing on it, the lunatics.

The ‘Grow Me – Hot Stuff’ chili pepper growing kit has everything that a spice-fiend, or maybe a curious gardener, could need to grow their own fiery fruit. The seeds themselves come with a compost disk and starter pot (both made from coconut husk), along with a wooden plant market.

Ruth wrote: “Brilliant product, have bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it! Great value for money and a bit different from that of a usual present.”

The coconut husk is an interesting choice. As a material it comes with plenty of benefits for garden plants. For example, its open and porous nature makes it easier for roots, water and air to pass through the material (which also means that it does not require drainage holes).

Becky said: “Great pressie for the bf who loves chillies! :)”


25. Secret Agent Alarm Clock

25. Secret Agent Alarm Clock


You know that guy who always turns up late? The one who has a special relationship with his ‘Snooze’ button?

Meet the Secret Agent Alarm Clock. Now, this isn’t the Stormtrooper’s nightmare that you might be expecting. This gun-shaped alarm clock goes under your pillow and wakes you up by vibrating.

So, a bit like the vibration setting on a phone then. The difference is that you can fire this gun at your wall to project an LED digital clock. This lets you check the time and then shoot it in the face in frustration at having to wake up!

The ad reads: ‘Missing your alarm and oversleeping can leave you feeling more 00-lame than 007! But with the Secret Agent Alarm Clock we guarantee you’ll never be late again for all those secret spy missions whilst you become the coolest secret agent ever!’

26. Key Finder

26. Key Finder

Now, when you think of a ‘key finding device’ you might think of the rather obvious flaw that anyone who forgets their keys could just as easily lose the device itself.

This particular Key Finder, however, works a little differently. You can attach it to your keys just like any keyring. When you want to find it, you simply whistle and the device will start to beep and blink.

In other words, it lets you ‘hear’ where your keys are.

This certainly sounds like a clever idea, but since it works by whistling we kind of find ourselves wishing that it could answer with a bark!


27. Robot Wars – Build Your Own Robot

27. Robot Wars - Build Your Own Robot

Remember Robot Wars? Wasn’t it was brilliant listening to Craig Charles as those home built metal gladiators battered each other? Some of us wanted to pilot them, others wanted to build them; everyone thought it was absolutely fantastic.

The show has had a revival in recent years, which means that there is once again a chance for everyone to try their hand at creating mechanical fury. The ‘Robot Wars – Build Your Own Robot’ kit is a book of practical and technical knowledge to help you learn how to design, built and arm your own robot.

This is definitely a great source of expertise, seeing as it was written by the owner of the company that maintains the much-feared house robots, James Cooper.

‘For the budding roboteer, this manual is a must have to getting to grips with the ins and outs of pincers, spinners and of course, flippers!’


28. 14 Award Winning Beers

28. 14 Award Winning Beers


There’s the tasteless stuff which you down because it’s cheap and then there’s real beer.

This collection of ‘award winning beers’ offers 14 choices from both Europe and the USA. We can definitely recognise some old favourites (as well as Hoegaarden).

Seller Beer Hawk writes: ‘This case showcases all major styles from the top four brewing countries in the world; pale ales, dubbels, pilsners, stouts and is ideal for any beer lover who wants to try some old classics.’

Speaking from personal experience, a collection of beers can be a great Christmas gift for sharing with your family. For one, it means that all of you can enjoy your favourites, but more importantly it guarantees that you’ll find a grateful volunteer to finish any of the brands which you don’t like!

“Great selection of beers and sent out really quickly,” wrote one reviewer. “Ideal birthday present for beer lovers. Thank you.”

It even comes with its own glass so you can sample the different tastes like a real connoisseur!


29. Man Flu Survival Kit

29. Man Flu Survival Kit


Do you work with someone who always seems to be complaining about getting sick? They may have a case of ‘Man-Flu’, an illness which some scientists claim is real while most of us define it as ‘whining to anyone who will listen’.

Luckily for those who actually are sick with the flu, the Man Flu Survival Kit comes equipped with two things that are sure to help: a big mug for a warm drink and plenty of tissues.

You might be wondering: ‘Why does this set come with mints instead of Paracetamol or something?’

Well, the answer is that those strong sugar-free mints can actually help to unblock your nose, and you don’t even have to wait four hours to take them.

The page reads: ‘This is the perfect Man Flu Survival Kit for when his sniffles (and the man himself) get too much to handle give him his kit and allow him to heal himself!’

30. Politically incorrect Eraser Dictator

30. Politically incorrect Eraser Dictator


If there’s anyone in the world who can compete with Donald Trump for the title of ‘Most Destructive Personality, it would be Kim Jong Un of North Korea. He and the US president have caused major tension this year, with some fearing that one of them could be stupid enough to actually press the big red button.

For anyone who is sick of this little man and wants some catharsis, the ‘Politically incorrect Eraser Dictator’ could be exactly what you need. With it you can pretend that you’re a real dictator, using your power as Party Chairman to erase any secrets that might cause problems.

‘Take command of your doodles and don’t let any rouge crayons scribble outside of their borders with the aptly named Eraser Dictator,’ reads the ad. ‘Sending autocratic power over any mistakes you have made, with this little guy you can quickly and easily distinguish any unsightly problems that arise. He would probably say he’s the fastest, bestest, most magical eraser in the world, and that no one erases quite like him. But it’s up to you whether you believe him.’

With a size of 10cm x 6cm x 5cm, this wing will certainly last long as well. An artist friend, or even a politically incorrect architect, could get a whole lot of use out of it.

‘Regain control, wipe out anything you disagree with and take a stand against pencil errors.

‘Nukes and regimes sold separately.’

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