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Review: The Best Products for Carpet Cleaning in the UK

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Carpet cleaning is necessary for any household with a carpet. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, dust mites, and other accumulating allergens. Additionally, clean carpets reduce the risk of cold or other respiratory-related problems, allowing you to stay in a comfortable environment.

A dirty carpet blocks the airflow in the room because its fibres clog with debris, dirt, and dust. Clogging results in a stuffy room with an unpleasant smell. However, regular brushing and vacuuming will extend the life of your carpet.

What Does Carpet Cleaning Do to Your Carpet?

A clean carpet brings out a pristine and fluffy look that improves the overall appearance of your home. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet help you to:

1.     Prevent mould growth

Mould thrives in wet or moist conditions. For example, if water gets soaked up in your carpet and you do not expose the rug to heat or direct sunlight, the wet area becomes a thriving spot for mould growth.

The presence of mould in your home increases the risk of contracting respiratory conditions. Therefore, cleaning your carpet using a cleaner with a drying or heating element will suck out any remaining moisture from your carpet, which will also extract any traces of mould.

2.     Eliminate dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic bugs commonly found in carpets, curtains, mattresses, or upholstered furniture. Dust mites cause allergies and can adversely affect people with existing allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma.

The high temperature kills the dust mites by cleaning your carpet or area rugs using steam cleaners, leaving your home clean and allergen-free.

4. Remove trapped pollutants

Many carpets made from woollen or synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester can easily attract dust and dirt, such as pet dander( flecks of skin shed from animals).

During your cleaning sessions, use carpet cleaning shampoos to get rid of all trapped dirt.

Best Carpet Cleaners: Saves You Time and Gets Rid of all Dirt

As most homes have carpets as a flooring option, it’s essential to maintain and keep carpets clean to have a healthy home. Carpet cleaners come in different brands and prices. Therefore, there are many options,  concerning your preferences and budget. However, one can get confused about the most suitable cleaner from the available options.

To aid in your decision-making, look out for these aspects in all of the options presented to you:

  1. Its weight – Check the empty weight of the cleaner because once it has water and the solution, it’s likely that the machine will be heavier.
  2. The motor – The higher the watts, the more powerful the carpet cleaner. However, carpet cleaners with high watts are more expensive to run as they consume a lot of energy.
  3. Heated clean feature – Although not essential, it’s advisable to have a cleaner that has this feature as it will assist the carpet in drying–keeping the carpet moist-free.

Below is a list featuring some of the top-rated carpet cleaners.

1.     Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

Bissell is a family-owned company that has been in operation for 140 years. One of their most sought-after carpet cleaners among pet owners and parents to small children is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution. It’s lightweight, easy to use and assemble; and it cleans away the pet dander on the carpet.

The cleaner comes along with other accessories, namely:

  • A deep clean antibacterial formula (trial pack)
  • Tough stain tool
  • A hose
  • An accessory bag
  • A professional formula(trial pack)
  • Instructions manual

Product features and technical details

The machine tank can accommodate 3.7L of clean water to clean a 40m2 room. It provides you with two cleaning modes–express clean mode and deep clean. The Bissell ProHeat cleaner weighs 8kgs, has an 800-watt motor and is relatively light to carry around.

The hose and nozzle on the cleaner are detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a dual power brush that thoroughly cleans a carpet and other furniture like your couch. Additionally, the belts on the cleaner are replaceable, thus increasing the cleaner’s lifespan. Another great feature is a powerful surround suction that provides a 30-minute drying time. Also, the product comes with a 6-year guarantee upon purchase.

2.     Vax Platinum SmartWash

Vax has been in operation since 1977, and it has been able to establish its base in the UK market as a reliable company for cleaning and electrical products. One of their most common carpet cleaning machines is the Vax Platinum Smartwash.

The machine is effortless to use and is light. According to reviews, you only need two machine swipes over a stained carpet to archive a clean look.  However, the carpet is left damp after a cleaning session.

The Vax Platinum Smartwash comes along with other tools, including,

  • A 2.5M hose
  • Spinscrub hand tool
  • An accessory bag
  • 2X 250ml platinum antibacterial solution (trial pack)
  • 1X 1250ml pre-treatment solution (trial pack)
  • An antimicrobial tool (multipurpose and pet attachment)
  • A user manual

Product features and technical details

The tank has a clean water capacity of 3.5L and a 1.9L dirty water capacity. When empty, its total weight is 7.4kgs, making it a light machine to use during cleaning sessions with water added to the tanks.

The controls are easy to use, and the handle has a firm grip due to a silicone coating. In addition, It has a triggerless design that automatically dispenses cleaning solution and water. When cleaning, Vax Platinum Smartwash cleaner washes the carpet by pushing forward, and the cleaner dries off the wet carpet by pulling backward.

3.     Bissell Hydrowave Carpet Washer

BISSELL HydroWave carpet washer is consider the best lightweight carpet cleaner ideal for heavily carpeted homes. It comes with two LED lights that allow you to easily see stains in spots that your eyes can overlook.

The hydrowave technology leaves the carpet dry in 30-minutes while using the light-clean mode. However, the drying period will depend on the carpet if you use the deep-clean mode.

Along with the carpet washer, other accessories in the box include:

  • 7M hose
  • A storage tray
  • A hard surface nozzle
  • A hard surface brush roll
  • 3X cleaning formulas ( samples)
  • A user’s manual.

Product features and technical details

The machine has a motorized XL brush roll with ten rows of dirt lifters. These power brushes help loosen and remove dirt after the carpet has been vacuumed. Additionally, the Bissell hydrowave carpet washer doesn’t consume a lot of storage space as it has a collapsible handle.

Another unique feature of the carpet cleaner is the clean shot feature. This feature allows you to spray a particular spot using a wash and protect pro formula solution that leaves the carpet fresh and clean.

Apart from carpeted areas, this cleaning machine is also suitable for sealed hard floors such as linoleum and tiles and sealed wooden floors. Bissell Hydrowave carpet cleaner is ideal for small homes and thus, should be used occasionally.

4.     Vax rapid power plus carpet cleaner

Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Cleaner has an impressive cleaning and carpet drying performance– meaning no more smelly or soggy carpets.

The carpet cleaner is expensive (when not on sale) but worth its cost if you’ll be regularly using it. Along with the machine, other accessories in the box include:

  • A 2.5M hose
  • 5X brushes
  • A platinum 250ml solution (trial pack)
  • A pre and post 250ml solution (trial pack)
  • A spin scrub hand tool
  • A users manual

Product features and technical details

The Vax rapid power plus carpet cleaner has an impressive motor of 1200 watts. The powerful motor ensures that water from the carpet is completely sucked out. It uses a heated cleaning system where heat is directly applied to the carpet, reducing the drying time.

Another feature includes the spin scrub-powered hand tool. It has two rotating brushes that agitate the fibres resulting in a deeper clean. The tank for the clean and dirty water is 4.7L, and the total weight of the empty cleaner is 8.4kgs.

5.     Bissell Cleanview ProHeat

Bissell CleanView ProHeat has a powerful cleaning performance, is lightweight with instant hand tool use. Compared to the Vax Rapid Power+ carpet cleaner, Bissell heats(warms)the water in the tank to a set temperature and stays constant throughout the cleaning period. This feature ensures that the cleaning solution mix is always at optimal temperature.

Inside the package, Bissel cleanview ProHeat comes along with:

  • 2X sample of cleaning formulas
  • A 2.7M hose
  • A brush
  • User’s manual

Product features and technical details

Cleanview ProHeat has a surround suction that ensures the carpet is dry within a short time. It can edge sweep with its available six rows of rotating dirt lifter power brushes. The extension hose and tool can be used in cleaning the stairs, car seats, area rugs, and upholstery.

The nozzle is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a powerful motor–1400 watts and weighs 9.2kgs. Bissell cleanview Proheat carpet cleaner has a clever ‘tank in tank’ system. This means that when the clean water gets used up, the dirty water tank located in the clean water tank expands and fills up.

In conclusion, If you do not regularly need to clean your carpet, it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent a cleaning machine. There are various companies such as Homebase, Rug Doctor, or HSS hire who hire out vacuum cleaners at £22 per day with an extra charge of £10 for detergents.

Cleaning carpet

On the other hand, professional carpet cleaners’ charges start from £200 per day, but the price varies depending on the task at hand.

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