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Review: The Best Products for Scaffolding Towers in the UK in 2022

Scaffolding on house

The scaffold tower is the safest option when carrying out work at high levels.  It allows for greater flexibility of movement and safety. However, If you’ve never purchased one before, the sheer number of options may be confusing. Yet, for large-scale jobs when a ladder isn’t adequate, the proper equipment is required.

In this comparison review, we’ll be looking at five of the best scaffolding towers in the UK in 2021. You will see the pros and cons of each brand for the tradesmen and the homeowner on which of the reviewed equipment would be most suitable for their needs. You will also see their features, heights, platforms, and how easily customisable they are. Finally, you will also see what stands at number one.

The BPS Access Solutions 5m DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower

This is a non-slip, strong, and lightweight scaffold tower made of top-quality aluminium. It also has a robust marine plywood platform that gives it a safe functional surface. It has a smooth, rust-proof, anodised finish and you would be able to reach the windows of a two-storey property.

The scaffold has a top guardrail, an adjustable platform height set in increments of 12 inches (30cm), and a maximum height of 3m (10ft).

There is more space on the platform since the stability braces are horizontal and diagonal and fit outside the frame. The bracing “twist and lock” features make the construction quick and easy. In addition, the platform features quick-release clamps for easy assembly and disassembly.

This Scaffold Tower has two stabiliser bars that help increase the area of its footprint. You place them on the bottom of each side to make the structure more stable—this is essential when utilising the side rungs to ascend or descend.  


  • Relatively lightweight of 24.5kg
  • Capacity to hold 150kg of load
  • It has a compact storage size of 2m by 0.66m by 0.2m
  • Platform size of 1.45m by 0.5m for a comfortable work area
  • Has twist and lock braces that enhance safety and stability
  • Requires no special tools for assembly
  • The manufacturer’s ISO2001 certification means high engineering quality.
  • Single, non-slip platform adjustable in increments of 30cm for customisation
  • Has two stabiliser bars to make it steadier
  • The outer part of the frame has horizontal and diagonal braces


  • Requires an extra hand for assembly and disassembly
  • Assembly instructions consist only of diagrams
  • The product description is not clear

Zarges Reachmaster Mobile Scaffold Tower

A German-designed, high-quality equipment with a working height of 2.6m, which can be expanded up to 8.5m. It has an area of 180cm by 68cm and a maximum weight capacity of 210kg. It is 0.6m from the ground has a safety rail for added reassurance. Using the Through the Trapdoor, 3T method, the tower is easy to assemble, and it enhances safety regardless of how high the equipment is operating at. It is also a compact piece of equipment, which can fit through all standard doorways.

The tower is rigid and secure when assembled and is excellently designed for expansion and built to withstand rigorous use for many years.


  • The sections have a colour-coded system for simplicity
  • Sturdy click and lock erection
  • Uses a straightforward 3T assembly method for additional safety
  • It’s portable, even when closed
  • Suitable for home and industrial use


  • Only suitable for one person and equipment

AREBOS 3-in-1 Aluminium Multi-Purpose Scaffold Tower

This tower can also convert to two other types of ladder. The step ladder is 164cm tall and has six steps on either side, while the straight ladder is 271cm tall. The railing that runs across the perimeter’s open sides offers further security when raised.

It has an aluminium construction and castor wheels that enhance the easy movement of the scaffolding. It is light at only 18kg. The hardwood area with a protective non-slip coating has a dimension of 147cm by 40cm.


  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg
  • It has extra crossbars, braces, and wide trusses that makes it very sturdy
  • It has durable construction that makes it lightweight
  • It has a three in one ladder design


  • It requires two people to assemble the equipment.
  • Not foldable

Man on scaffolding tower.

Stiliac Aluminium Working Platform Mini Scaffold Tower

This is a 15kg scaffold tower specially designed for home use but also works perfectly for outdoor purposes. It requires no assembly, has a maximum load of 150kg and has a 134cm by 50cm practical platform with a safety rail. Although the Stiliac Aluminium Mini scaffold tower is most suitable for home use, it can also be used outdoors. It is also mobile and compact.


  • Requires no assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight, long-lasting construction
  • Spacious platform
  • Affordable
  • Has a good umbrella folding system


  • The two front wheels could use a locking mechanism

Top Tower Classic 6.3m (WH) DIY Galvanised Scaffold Tower & Boards

This Tower and Board is a cost-effective, highly efficient scaffold tower. It comes with base rails, base plates, horizontal braces, and handrails for stability and safety. It also has 1.21m by 80cm, 1.21m by 1.21m, 1.21m by 1.82m, and 1.82 by 80cm base sizes, and you can customise the base size and height to the one that works for you. Top Tower Classic 6.3m (WH) DIY Galvanised Scaffold Tower & Board has a maximum platform height of 4.3m and a reach of 6.3m.


  • Considerably heavy: weighs 78kg
  • Has single handrails for protection and safety
  • Customisable to different terrains through optional accessories
  • Can withstand up to 200kg functional load
  • Has base plates that give extra stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with three boards for use as the platform
  • Not stand alone: needs to be properly tied to a building
  • Has rust-resistant pre-galvanized steel frame for long-term durability
  • Can be built at different heights up to the maximum
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee against faulty material or workmanship


  • A ladder (not supplied) is required
  • Stabilisers and other safety features are only recommended but not included
  • Comes only with the basic features that are not enough for safe use.

When selecting a piece of equipment, several things must be considered, especially the size, style, and material the scaffold tower is made of. Your concerns when making this purchase should also include its appropriateness for the project and its durability. While all of our reviewed scaffold towers are some of the best available in the UK, the BPS Access Solutions 5m DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower takes the number one spot because of its great quality and versatility.

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