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Pricing Guide for Blinds and Shades


Price Range: £50 – £120

Average Cost: £100

Best/Cheapest Price: £75 – £85

The average price for installing blinds and shades in the UK is between £50 and £120. However, if you’re buying the blinds and the installation service, you can spend from £100 to £175. There is a wide range of factors that can affect these prices, starting with the type of blind or shade you’re buying in the first place.

For example, for a window size of 500mm x 1,200mm, you can pay £50 more for installing customized blinds and shades than with the premade options. Also, if you’re doing more complex and complicated projects, you can spend between £500 and £1000 on installations.

If you’re installing shutters on your window, they cost way more than blinds and shades. The average installation price for shutters is £180, although it can go as high as £300.

While blinds and shades attract the same price ranges for installation because they are similar products, these are two different window fittings. Here is the difference between blinds and shades.

  1. Blinds

Blinds are hard coverings made with horizontal slats. These slats can be raised for a clear view and let light in or closed for privacy. The spaces between them can still be adjusted to let light in even when closed.

  1. Shades

Shades are soft window coverings made with pieces of fabric, and it doesn’t have moveable slats. You’ll have to raise the entire shades up or down to use them, and they are a great choice if you need insulators in your home.

Whether you get shades or blinds, you won’t spend more than £120 on basic installation. You can hire a professional window fitter to get it done.

Where to Get a Professional Window Fitter

You can get a professional window fitter near you in the UK, but keep in mind that these services are not popular. Because of low demand, you might have to hire a general handyperson or use the installer from the company if you’re buying bespoke blinds.

The low demand is caused by most people deciding to install their blinds and shades themselves, but if you’re not good with tools, it’s best to look out for a handyperson close to you that accepts these jobs. They might also charge hourly, with an average rate of between £20 and £30 per hour.

The window blind fitter would visit your home to take measurements of the windows and check the types of blinds or shades you’re installing before giving a quote. It is usually a fixed payment, so you only need to pay once for the installation.

Different factors influence the price of blinds and shades installation, from the service you’re hiring to where you live in the UK, which can be seen below:

  1. Handyperson vs Professional Fitter

For one, a handyperson will give a different quote from a professional window blinds fitter, as the latter’s services are scarce. So, a professional fitter will collect more money for installing the blinds, while a handyman sees it as one of its many jobs and will be more affordable.

  1. How Many Blinds and Shades

The more blinds and shades you’re installing, the more you will spend. The handyman will ask how many windows you want them to fix the blinds and shades on and give you a price for each window. You can also get a discount when installing on many windows at once.

wooden blinds

  1. The Types of Blinds

There are different types of blinds and shades, determining how much you spend on installation. For instance, you might spend between £5 and £15 on roller blinds, while hardwood blinds cost more than £100 to install.

  1. The Type of Window

The handyman will also check the type of window the blinds or shades would be installed on, which would factor in the price. Window measurements are usually taken when putting a quote together, and the smaller your window, the less you spend on the installation.

  1. Complicating Factors

There might be other complicating factors that make it more expensive. For instance, fitting a blind on a wide, tall, high, or large window will cost more than a regular window in your home. Also, windows that are shaped differently will attract higher installation prices.

  1. Where in the UK You Live

Handypersons in London and other major cities usually charge higher prices for installation than those in smaller cities and towns. If you go for a small neighbourhood handyperson, you can spend less than a large company in London.

blinds with plant in front

How to Save Money on Blinds and Shades Installation

If you want to save money on blinds and shades installation, especially when you have a lot of windows to fit them in or different complicating factors, it’s best to hire a handyperson. This only works if you’re getting premade blinds, as customized blinds usually require an installer from the company to install them.

It would be best to ask for a full quote at once rather than pay hourly. Paying hourly might be more expensive when installing blinds and shades many windows, but you can cut costs with a one-time payment.

It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to install blinds and shades on one window. If you’re installing in one window and paying by the hour, the handyman will still charge you for the entire hour.

To further spend less, you should go for handypersons in your neighborhood. You can also compare the prices of different handypersons and choose more affordable ones.

What About Blinds and Shades Repairs?

If your blinds or shades are damaged, you can hire a professional to fix them for as low as £20. This will also depend on the type of blinds and how badly they are damaged, and it can cost as high as £230. If it’s too expensive, it’s always better to buy new blinds or shades and install them. You can quickly get window blinds repair services, and some of them offer installation, too, or call your neighborhood handyman.

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