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Comparison Services for Architectural Services

Architectural Services

If you’re building a new home or any other property, one integral part of your team is a good architect. With a reliable architect, you can see an outline of the building you have in mind before it is brought to life by the rest of the crew. One can say that the architect is the foundation of your building project since the rest of the building team follows the plan they give, so it’s a good idea to go for the best ones.

After considering a wide range of factors, we compiled the best seven architecture services that you can hire in the UK. This guide would also explore tips on choosing an architect for you and your project. Let’s take a closer look at this comparison review for architect services.

Top 7 Architecture Services

House Architects UK

This diverse architect service is at the top of our list, known for re-designing and re-configuring homes to provide client satisfaction. Home Architects, UK, has designed over a hundred houses since it was founded and are constantly upgrading their process to match the technology trends. The company leverages video game technology to bring your project plans to life through visuals and animation.

The architecture service is powered by award-winning architects and other professionals, as the company also provides interior design, remodelling and planning. You can hire the company for your residential, school and healthcare architecture services. It is based in the North West of England.

Abacus Architects + Planners

If you’re on the lookout for a cost-effective architecture service, Abacus Architects + Planners would surprise you. This award-winning architect service uses its ultra-modern design solutions to bring innovation and sustainability to the table. Although the company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, there is also a sister branch in Birmingham, which you can turn to for your architectural needs.

Abacus Architects also uses top construction management software, which allows them to get your work done without complaints. While their primary service is architecture, this company also features master planning. It can be hired for residential, governmental, education, commercial and healthcare projects.

HLM Architects

What sets HLM Architects apart from other architecture services on our list is its ‘one-team culture-based approach to your project. You can hire their services for residential, asset and workplace, and civic sector projects, and besides this, you can also hire their sustainability services, landscaping and interior design services.

Impressive and experienced professionals power the company, so you know your projects are in good hands. These architects are also managed with construction crew management, offering teamwork and good communication. HLM Architects are based in Cardiff, so you can visit for a consultation if you live nearby.

Lewandowski Architects

Another top architect service on our list is the Lewandowski Architects, named after their impressive founder. Ron Lewandowski is a skilled and experienced architect and works with other fantastic team members. The architectural firm is founded on perseverance, hard work and expert workers and is located in Windsor.

The projects that you can hire Lewandowski Architects for include residential, venues, private houses, commercial, and conversion projects. Their selling point is architecture and master planning, but you can also hire the firm for furniture and interior design, space planning and graphics.

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Archer Architects

Although Archer Architects is a firm that mainly offers architectural services, it is also a RIBA Chartered Registered Practice. The medium-sized practice is based in Manchester and works on residential, retail, commercial and hospitality projects. In addition, they can be hired for interior design.

What makes Archer Architects one of the best services in our comparison review is their focus on receiving challenging projects. So if you have a tricky task at hand, this firm could be your first choice. There is a range of architects and designers with different backgrounds to suit all styles and purposes.  

Stride Teglown

Stride Teglown is an employee-owned architectural practice in Bristol with over 300 professionals. Their employees are known for thinking outside the box and exploring new ideas, so if you’re looking for something unique, they are more than willing to share their ideas with you. The firm only builds residential and commercial projects and provides building surveying, master planning, graphic design and urban design.

Stride Teglown features a construction schedule service. There are six elements that their services are based on, which are: Usability, Research, Sustainability, Design, Collaboration and Evidence-based IBM. They combine this with proper teamwork and collaboration, promising you good quality.

The Harris Partnership

The final, but not the least, architecture service on our list is The Harris Partnership. The company has a fantastic reputation in the UK and has won many awards for its industrial, retail, mixed-use, residential and commercial projects.

One of the highlights of hiring this firm is the 3D visualization service with their architectural plans. You can also request interior design, space planning and master planning. It works with its sister companies which are Vector and HPM.

How to Choose an Architectural Service

When choosing an architect, you can be sure to hire a reliable service by keeping the following factors in mind.

Registered with the ARB

The first thing to consider is whether the architect service is registered with the Architects Registration Board. Architects are required to be registered with this board by law, assuring you a high standard of work and professional indemnity insurance.

Their Portfolio and Style

Before hiring an architect, you should ask to see their portfolio and check whether their style matches the project you are planning to work on, as different architects come with diverse styles. To be more thorough, you can check their work in person to see the design.

Fees and Budget

It’s essential to check how much the architect services are before hiring them and ensure that they fit your budget. The different firms would provide their services at various prices to compare pricing plans before you choose one.

Level of Involvement

Finally, you should check how involved the architects would be in your project. For example, would they include how thick the walls are and where the sockets would be installed? You should also check if they stayed with you while building your property.

With the top architect services in our comparison review, you can start laying down the foundation for your new property. These companies promise you high quality and dedication to your work, with professional and experienced workers at your service.

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