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Review: The Best Products for TV Aerial Installation in the UK in 2022


Aerials in the UK are still as common and popular now as they were then before the digital migration in 2013.

There are three different types of aerials. They include:

  1. Loft – Usually kept in the loft.
  2. Indoor – Placed on top of the table or behind the tv.
  3. Outdoor – Commonly mounted on rooftops, chimneys or the wall.

Loft and Indoor aerials are easy to install and can easily be installed by anyone while external aerials require an understanding of the installation procedure. In addition, if you are not comfortable with heights, you’re highly advised to seek the services of a professional.

Buying an aerial provides you with the best form of entertainment for you and your family as it creates time to be together and bond. So, in this guide, we shall review the best aerials that will offer value for your money as of 2021.

Chaowei DVB66 HD

A disconnected Chaowei Digital TV Aerial with a magnetic base and a 16.5ft long cable

The Chaowei aerial has a modern and stylish appearance. It’s light and also has a solid feel.

In addition, It’s compatible with both DAB broadcasting and Freeview. Its 360 omnidirectional feature for VHC and UHF components makes signal reception better when the device is placed on a metallic surface as its base is magnetic. 

As you can use it in indoor and indoor areas, it gives you high-quality service, providing uncompressed full HD channels, making it highly reliable.

Moreover, the coaxial cable is durable and has a centre solid conductor, three layers of aluminium, and dielectric insulation, making it perform better. These features enable the device to last longer.


  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s easy to install and assemble.
  • It’s suitable for any digital TV for your motorhome, car or boat.
  • It has a long surrounding cable so, moving the aerial around won’t be a problem.
  • It produces high-quality pictures.
  • It’s durable and reliable.
  • It’s easy to conceal when installed indoors.


  • It works best when placed on a windowsill that faces the transmitter towers. Therefore, any attempt to put it in other areas may cause loss of some channels.

RGTech Monarch 50 transparent indoor Freeview HDTV aerial.

       A wire mesh aerial designed by NASA hall of fame scientist 

The RGTech Monarch aerial is best for areas with weak signals. The aerial was invented by Dr. Argy Petros, a NASA space technology hall of fame scientist. The aerial is 8mm thick with two rectangular wings with wire mesh or black metallic poles from the central cable.

While installing the indoor, you can mount it on a wall or a table stand, then readjust the aerial to get an excellent reception.


  • The aerial can easily pick up most free over-the-air channels.
  • It can pick up weak signals from as far as 50 miles.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It consumes no electricity.
  • It’s flat, thin and discreet, making it possible to conceal.


  • It doesn’t have an amplifier.

TriStar Digital compact aerial

                An unassembled TriStar digital compact aerial

The TriStar digital compact aerial is suitable for outside and loft spaces. In addition, it’s fantastic for DIY enthusiasts who love to assemble things, as it comes in bits and pieces.

It has a 4G integrated filter that stops interference caused by any digital device like mobile phones. Additionally, it has a fold-out design that, once installed, will pick up even weak signals.


  • It’s firm and durable.
  • It often restores missing channels.
  • The installation process is fast and easy.
  • It has good quality pictures.


  • When placed outside, some customers have reported that it needs more support during windy and stormy days.

Filtered Outdoor and Loft aerial by SLx

This filtered outdoor and loft aerial promotes full reception and is suitable for providing Freeview channels. Therefore, it enables you to enjoy 15HD channels, 70 tv channels and more than 25 radio stations without any subscription.

It weighs 1.6kg making it durable and functional as it can withstand rain, wind and outdoor heat. Additionally, its energy-efficient and has an A++ rating, thus consuming minimal energy.


  • It’s very suitable for various weather conditions.
  • It’s suitable for Freeview channels.
  • It’s energy-friendly.
  • It operates on a 790 MHz capacity while maintaining high gain aptitudes.


  • If your living room uses a horizontal signal, excess water from heavy rainfall might clog up your terminal box, causing loss of good connection.

1byone Indoor/Outdoor TV Aerial

The 1byonne aerial is sturdy, enabling it to withstand harsh weather like heavy rain, snow and storms. Thanks to its waterproof design and anti-UV coating, you’re assured of the best quality signals every time.

In addition, it has an integrated LTE filter that blocks all 3G and 4G signals from your receptor like a mobile device, thus enabling you to enjoy non-breaking and noise-free signals.


  • The receptor is adjustable thanks to the convenient holder.
  • It has an integrated LTE filter that blocks interference from any electronic device.
  • It’s weatherproof, thus can withstand terrible weather conditions like snow and storms.
  • It works well even when positioned between two houses.
  • It’s suitable for both Analog and Freeview TV signals
  • It’s easy to install either on your balcony, roof or in your living room.


  • It doesn’t work well in an area out of the transmitter’s line of sight.

2.   Outdoor Aerial by Labgear

                                                 A positioned Labgear aerial

The labgear aerial is designed to limit bandwidth between 470-790 MHz to increase signal strength. In addition, the bandwidth counters signal loss and interference from mobile devices and other electronic devices.

This aerial is highly recommended for people who live in areas with extremely weak signals because it’s so versatile.


  • It can block interference from electronic devices.
  • All the installation parts are provided, making assembling easy.
  • It strengthens signals in fringe, medium and weak areas.
  • It’s easy to install and adjust.


  • It only works near a local broadcast tower; therefore, you ought to buy an aerial booster if you are far.

3.   A versatile digital TV aerial by SLx

A versatile digital aerial with parts ready to be assembled.

The digital TV aerial by SLx is integrated with LTE and a 4G filter to block any interference from electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices.

The aerial is easy to assemble and it’s ranked as one of the most energy-efficient outside aerials with a rating of A+. In addition, the aerial only consumes approximately 0KWh for a TV that operates at least 4 hours a day.


  • It efficiently works in closed areas like sheds.
  • It is easy to install and assemble.
  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It has a great quality picture.


  • It’s not suitable for places prone to extremely windy conditions.
  • If you need to mount it on your roof, you will have to purchase an external fitting kit as it’s not included in the box.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

The kind of aerial you choose will be based entirely on your situation and preference. An indoor aerial is the most preferred especially if you’re living in areas where the weather can get extreme and destroy anything outside.

Indoor aerials are easy to install and don’t require mounting. It receives signals from transmitting masts as far as 25km, while outside aerials receive signals from transmitting masts from 50km; though they will need mounting and you may need the service of a professional.

LTE filtering or Amplifying

If you live in an area crowded with houses, internet towers, hotels or shops, your reception is bound to be a little shaky. Therefore, it’s best to find aerial boosters that will block electromagnetic signals like LTE filtering and amplifiers.

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