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Review: The Best Products for Karndean Flooring in the UK in 2022

Grey Karndean flooring

If you are considering renovating your floors and are searching for a stylish yet affordable option, Karndean is your go-to company. This article will provide you with insight into different options and how they compare to each other.

Karndean is a worldwide manufacturer of flooring solutions hailing from Offenham, UK. The company has been around for decades and has expanded exponentially since the 90s. They currently own three showrooms across the United States, with headquarters in Pittsburgh.

The company does not only supply but manufacture their proprietary flooring, also known as Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP). So let us dive right in to see what range of products the company has to offer you.

The Karndean Flooring Collection

If you are looking for a company offering a wide range of flooring catalogues, Karndean offers an arsenal of solutions. Here is a quick look at the range of products you can find on the company’s website as well.

Art Select – Karndean Flooring

The Art Select Collection has designs that mimic the natural look of stone or wooden tiles. You will find the Collection of planks and tiles to be most detailed in contrast to the competition on the market. Thanks to Karndean’s practical embossing techniques, they feature a realistic design and texture.

Right now, you can choose from one of the four stone-like designs, including Slate, Travertine, Limestone, and Marble. Each of these panels and tiles has different tones and is available in a wide range of traditional and large formats. The wood-like LVP ranges from 4 – 7 inches. This type of flooring is available in Oak and Maple looks.

Da Vinci Series– Karndean Flooring

This Collection has a classic appeal, so if you are looking for flooring with timeless appeal, Karndean’s Da Vinci Collection is perfect. You can choose from 30 different styles from a nice mix of tiles and planks per your needs and taste. From light pink marble to rusty copper, the wide array of colours truly has something to suit everyone’s preference. So, if you are a customer who prefers the weathered steel look over wood, the Da Vinci Collection has got it.

These luxury vinyl panels come with bevelled edges, and the designs range includes the look of Acacia, Maple, Oak, or Walnut. As much as the boards look quite convincing and attractive, they are only produced in a single width of 3 inches only.

Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve Series

If you are after an easy to install solution, the Korlok series is the best fit. There are two variants available, and both come with pre-attached backing. Now you can lay down the floor without the need to glue it down.

These luxury vinyl tiles will add warmth to your space while dampening sounds. All you need is to click each Korlok plank into place. The best part is that cutting them is as easy as well. The Korlok Select series comes in 27 styles. However, you can either get width boards with 24 inches in length or buy 9” x 56” planks.

There are no tiles available in this series. From charred weathered pine to grey oiled oak, you can buy a wide range of styles in both variants. There are two width options available, i.e., 7 inches and 9 inches planks.

LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard Series

Most of the series use the glue-down installation technique. However, the LooseLay Collection takes a different take on this one. You will not need any glue to install these luxury vinyl planks – thanks to the K-wave friction grip. This alone makes this series an ideal choice for a DIY project.

The LooseLay series consists of boards with a resemblance of wood and comes with 4.5mm thickness. However, you can also get some tilling options in concrete-like texture. You will get a decent range of colours, including gold, tan, and several shades of grey.

The overall size of the boards in this collection is 10” x 41” inches. In case you are shopping for something longer, the LooseLay Longboard variant is a perfect alternative. You will get the same variety as the LooseLay series, with a width of 10 and a length of 59 inches.

Opus Series

If you are looking for a variety of flooring options to spice up your interior, Opus will do the trick. In fact, this should be your very first option to look at some of the most intriguing patterns and designs. Promisingly, the Opus collection has more variety to offer than any of the other series combined.

You are going to find this series to offer some of the most interesting flooring designs. You can choose from 36 styles, such as swirly patterns on the Golden Teak, a black stone style known as Nero, which has a resemblance to a slate. This option also presents a decent range in sizes varying from 4 inches to 9 inches.

You can get them in extra-large tiles and wide boards in rectangular and square shapes. However, the overall thickness available in this style is relatively thinner at 2.5mm. So, keep in mind these are going to be very delicate to install.

The Karndean Knight Tile Series

This Collection comes in 36 different styles and offers you a pleasant and wide range of wood-like luxury vinyl panels in all types of natural hues. The edges in this series are non-bevelled and have the smoothest texture. However some styles offer a rustic appeal, but you will still get a smooth well-produced flooring option.

All the tiles in this series use the same construction technique. However, a different texture on each square adds some percentage of realism to the floor. If you are looking for an option with a lighter tone, the Knight Tile series will do it for you. That said, there are some exceptions, and you can get wilder styles such as Copper Slate and Andesite. The overall wear layer in this series is 12mil, whereas the tiles and the boards both come in 2mm thickness.


Van Gogh Series

Although named after the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, this collection is all about the American style, taste, and performance. So if you are not too keen on a vinyl that resembles marble, these series offer you an appearance of the domestic hardwood popular in the U.S.  The styles include the wood appearance of Pine, Beech, Redwood, and Oak.

That said, you have to be careful because the Van Gogh selection is slightly thin layered compared to the art and Da Vinci series. However, this series makes up for it by offering 46 different styles you can choose from. There is another variant in this category known as Van Gogh Rigid Core, featuring 14 styles with similar shades from the regular Van Gogh collection.

The difference between the two collections lies in their core, as these LVPs are more rigid. The Van Gogh Rigid Core has a thin wear layer of 20 mil. However, these boards come with a thickness of 4.5mm. Another thing to remember is, none of the Van Gogh collection comes in tiles format.


If you are shopping around to install new floors in your home or office, the Karndean company has some of the best options available. Simply visit their website and select one that suits your style of decor. They offer the most luxurious looks of expensive wood and marble at a very affordable cost.

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