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Review: The Best Products for Woodburning Stoves in the UK in 2022

Wood burning stove

Many homeowners have turned back the clock and started using woodburning stoves for heating. Earlier, wood stoves were dirty, smelly, and difficult to operate. Things have changed now, and there are many affordable, energy-efficient, and reliable options available in the market. 

Before making your purchase, it is vital to consider several factors like size, price, heating power, construction, waste generated, etc. A chimney, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms are vital as well.  In this guide, we’ll compare the best wood-burning stoves for you and help you choose the perfect one for yourself. 

  1. Drolet Legend III Wood Stove

Alt Text: Drolet Legend III Stove

Whether you want a big or small wood burning stove, Drolet is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands. The Legend III stove is ideal for both medium and small spaces. It offers 75% efficiency making it one of the best in the world. It can hold around 30 cubic feet of 20-inch wood logs, enough to provide heating for the whole night. 

When the stove is fully loaded, it can heat up around 2000 sq. ft space. The great thing is the product comes with a blower that can help heat a sizeable area also. Some stoves have a better emission rating than the Legend III, but it produces more heat per hour. This ensures you don’t have to run it for long and don’t inhale harmful gases. 

  1. Englander Wood Stove

Alt-Text: Englander Wood Stove

This is a great budget option if you are low on money. It has a heat output of 80,000 BTU per hour, enough to keep you warm and cosy. In addition, it features wraparound heat shields, and you don’t need to spend money on making your living room’s walls heat-proof. The heat shields also ensure that any furniture near the stove does not get damaged. 

The wood-burning stove also has superior insulation that traps heat efficiently and keeps your home warmer for over 10 hours. It is EPA certified and comes with a free blower to distribute heat in bigger spaces. The blower is a bit loud when in operation, but apart from that, this option by Englander is a great budget choice. 

  1. Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove

Alt Text: Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove

The cleanest burning wood stove available, Hearthstone’s wood stove has a burn time of over 25 hours, and it does not release toxic, harmful gases. Instead, the brand uses the TruHybrid catalytic combustion system that saves you from inhaling carbon monoxide, VOCs, and other air pollutants. It may sound complex, but it uses 3 different combustion systems.

This allows the stove to maximise heating and reducing emission levels up to 0.54 grams per hour. Also, the versatile design allows you to install it in a wall-mounted system or in a corner. Based on your home’s interior, you can place the stove in a way that enhances your room’s appearance. It is relatively expensive, though, and you don’t get heat shields or a blower with it.

  1. US 1269E Wood Stove

Alt-Text: US 1269E Wood Stove

The US 1269E stove does things in the old-fashioned way as it burns wood logs in a cast-iron stove without the need for electricity. If you collect rainwater in a barrel, the stove also has pre-installed cooktops to heat this water and provide heating for you. Pair the stove with a wind turbine, and you can generate heat and energy for your home. 

Most wood furnaces these days look and operate similarly, but the US 1269E is different. You can open its cast-iron door and watch the flames burning. Make sure nothing flammable is nearby because sometimes the flames shoot out and can start a fire. The stove is not recommended for smaller areas because it does not have heat shields, insulation, and controlled vents. If you are looking for something old-fashioned, this furnace is made for you. 

  1. Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove

Alt-Text: Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove

This wood stove by Pleasant Hearth has a stainless-steel construction instead of the usual cast-iron one. It is easy to install and features a removable ash pan to keep it clean. Its brick-lined firebox is big enough to hold 21-inch wood logs, and you don’t have to worry about chopping the logs. 

The furnace has a baffle control system and a sliding cold air knob that improve the product’s efficiency and heating mechanism. However, it is less efficient than other options, even without a blower. It is suitable for small spaces and affordable, but its heating power is low and emits lots of toxic gases. 

What to look for when buying a Wood Burning Stove?

Every person has different needs and requirements, but there are certain things everyone should consider before purchasing a wood stove

  • It should be affordable and easy to install and maintain
  • Must have high energy efficiency
  • It should not emit high amounts of toxic fumes
  • Must be safe to operate and use
  • Must be manufactured by a reliable, certified brand
  • Look for an attractive wood furnace that will match your home’s interior


The winter season is arriving soon, and most homeowners will need a heating system to keep them warm and comfortable at their homes. However, they are expensive, and people are switching to wood-burning stoves instead. 

We understand that it is challenging to buy the right furnace, and that’s why we compared some of the best options available. Know about their features and drawbacks so that you can pick the right one for your home. Make sure you consider all the vital things and think of your family’s requirements before purchasing the stove. Get a high-quality wood-burning stove and stay warm in extreme cold.

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