We're Clutter-Free With Our New Instrument Wardrobe

There comes a time when you just know you need to upgrade.

It happens with cars, TVs, phones, and it absolutely happens with furniture.

Sure, you might have loved your wardrobe once upon a time and it’s probably served you well – but its lifecycle is finite, and the only question now is what are you looking for in a new wardrobe…

And truthfully, only you can answer that question.

Life can get pretty cluttered, whether it’s because you’ve got young children, a busy job, or just a whole LOT of clothes. After all, there’s only so long you can ‘make do’ with what you’ve got.

It could be an older wardrobe, a cluttered spare room, a chest of drawers that’s bursting at the seams or you might just not have anything yet. Whatever it is, the solution is at hand – and it’ll save you a whole lot of time trying to find your favourite shirt when you’re in a hurry.

For us, it was all about having a new wardrobe that we could fit all of our clothes in and avoid clutter everywhere else after months of making do with a chest of drawers, a hanging rail in our spare room, and never quite having enough space.

And the fact that we’ll probably a whole lot less time with the iron, too.

Finding something that’s affordable, stylish and that fits your bedroom isn’t as easy as you might think – there’s a lot of off-the-shelf wardrobes that look like they might do the trick…

But as the old saying goes, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. It’s something we’re always conscious of, and when we found Instrument, we know we were onto a winner. Striking that balance between affordable wardrobes that stand the test of time is crucial and it’s why we ended up going for it with Instrument.

Finding The Perfect Wardrobe

It’s not just about finding any old wardrobe to chuck your clothes in – at the end of the day, a wardrobe is something you’re going to see every single day.

Buying online makes it easier than ever to browse a range of wardrobes and figure out what you want, whatever it might be. If you need more hanging rails, extra draw space, more lighting or anything else, then Instrument have got the added extras and customisable options for you.

You’ve probably seen a fair few adverts for furniture recently – they’re always on TV, online and in magazines. But every time we saw something, it didn’t really feel like it was ‘us’. We were looking for something with a bit more elegance, style, and swagger.

And Instrument wardrobes have that in abundance.

Our only major concern was what would happen if we didn’t like our new wardrobe, particularly as we were buying online – would we be stuck with it?

Well, the good news is that returns are FREE anywhere in England with Instrument. Their 14-day return policy means we could have cancelled our contract and returned our wardrobe within 14 days of it being delivered, as long as they were unused and unassembled.

Our Instrument order was delivered quickly and the instructions on assembly were super simple – I’m no DIY Dan, but I managed to get everything together without any trouble!

The stylish finish really made a HUGE difference to our bedroom immediately, and the mirrored front helped to reflect the light and create a much brighter room, which is just what we were looking for.

With a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee as standard, we’ve got peace of mind that everything’s going to be hunky-dory too.

It’s been seven months since we first got our Instrument wardrobe, and we love it as much today as we did back then. We’ve got so much more space to hang clothes, the soft-closing drawers make everything a breeze, and we’ll never look back.

£50 OFF your first order if you use the code 50first when shopping for a new Instrument wardrobe