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Fitted wardrobes will instantly create more room in your bedroom. Additionally, you can customize one that complements your style. Fitted wardrobes also boost the interior of your bedroom.

Fitted wardrobes vary in shape and size depending on the space of the room. Also, the material used to make the wardrobes makes each wardrobe unique. For instance, you may prefer to have your wardrobe made of solid wood rather than glass or plywood because of your bedroom’s interior.

This guide will compare some of the best wardrobes of all time, explaining why each wardrobe is unique, suitable and highly recommended.

  1. Argos Home Nordic 2 Door Wardrobe

Argos home nordic 2 door wardrobe has a traditional decorative detailing giving it a lovely, homely feel. This double door closet maximises on hanging space. So, if you don’t have time to fold your clothes or just dislike folding them, this is the best wardrobe for you. You can fit the wardrobe in a small space in your room. It’s also made out of certified FSC-pine making it eco-friendly.


  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • You can fit it in small spaces.
  • It’s portable, making it easy to shift from one room to another.


  • It has limited space if you have many clothes.
  • Because of its top design, it may be challenging to fit in rooms with an awkward ceiling.

  1. A large Oak 3 door wardrobe with a large middle mirror.

The large oak 3 door wardrobe with a large middle mirror is a stylish piece of furniture that adds value to your bedroom’s interior. The wardrobe comes in different heights, widths and finishes so you can choose from various available wardrobes.


  • It has multiple storage spaces.
  • It’s suitable for large bedrooms.
  • It’s easy to move during cleaning because of the lifted bottom.
  • It comes with a mirror panel.


  • It’s bulky, making it hard to move around with it.
  1. Nevada 6 Door 2 Drawer Mirrored Wardrobe

Nevada fitted wardrobe comes in a contemporary design that is suitable for family homes. In addition, it comes in different finishes like Sonoma Oak and grey/white oyster gloss.

When installing the wardrobe, ensure its back is safely fixed on the wall with the supplied safety traps. The wardrobe comes with two drawers and has a spacious hanging rail section.


  • It’s suitable for sharing as it has ample storage space.
  • It’s spacious to accommodate any type of clothing.
  • It has a mirror which allows you to try on your clothes in the same space, thus saving time.
  • It has an easy-to-clean exterior.


  • It’s too heavy to move, therefore makes cleaning difficult.
  1. Sliding Full Mirror Wardrobe

                   A sliding double door full mirrored wardrobe

This sliding double door full mirrored wardrobe is an elegant and chic cabinet, especially for mirror lovers. The mirrors reflect the light in your room, making it look bigger, brighter and more beautiful.t has a lot of hanging space and an opening for additional storage using storage boxes.


  • It’s spacious for all kinds of clothing.
  • It reflects light into your room, making the space look brighter.
  • It’s suitable for small and large spaces.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • It’s delicate; therefore, major movements like banging the wardrobe doors could shatter the mirror.
  • It can only be delivered to ground floor rooms, so it will prove complicated if you wish to have the wardrobe in your upstairs room.
  1. Digby Modern Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobe

A Digby modern sliding door fitted wardrobe.

The Digby modern sliding door is suitable for rooms with limited space. It has a modern design with a laminated board to make it sturdy. It highly improves the appearance of your room.

For any DIY enthusiast, you can assemble this wardrobe in any room of your choice.


  • The material is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It has adequate space for hanging and shelving.
  • Its modern features make it a great addition to your home.


  • It’s a delicate piece of furniture.
  • It’s not child-friendly.
  1. The Rauch Loriga 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe 

The Rauch Loriga 2 door sliding wardrobe is a bespoke and modern wardrobe suitable for small spaces. You can install the wardrobe on your hallway, bedroom corner or at the side of your bed.

This piece of furniture has ample storage allowing your clothes to be well arranged. Additionally, you can easily customize the wardrobe to fit your preferred taste with the included set of accessories that can transform your bedroom’s interior.


  • It is assembled on delivery, thus reducing the chances of breaking.
  • It has spacious compartments within.
  • It is a compact wardrobe.
  • It’s has a silent opening and closing feature that allows easy access to items within.


  • Since it requires assembling, you will have to call for help if you’re not good with joining items if you’re planning on moving them.
  • It doesn’t have drawers for small items so, you will have to purchase an extra storage box.
  1. Home Nordic Wardrobe Fitment Mirror and Stool

A wooden Nordic wardrobe with a mirror and stool 

This Nordic wardrobe is country-inspired giving your bedroom a vintage interior. It’s large with drawers, shelves and hanging area allowing you to arrange your clothes in multiple ways.

In addition to its looks, the wardrobe complements both modern and vintage houses adding value to the property. Furthermore, it has different finishes, allowing you to choose the most suitable based on your preference.


  • It’s bespoke, adding to your room’s interior decor.
  • It has ample storage to arrange the smallest items like cufflinks, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.


  • It needs a large area.
  • It’s bulky therefore hard to move around.
  • It’s not recommended if you don’t have many items to be stored in a wardrobe.
  • You cannot fit it in areas with awkward shapes.
  • It can be a His and Hers wardrobe.
  1. Steens Kids 2 Door 1low Wardrobe

The Steen kids 2 door 1low wardrobe is an excellent wardrobe for your kids. Additionally, they can use it into their teenage years; therefore, it’s a value for money.

The pinewood wardrobe has a lacquered finishing and has ample space for storing clothes. It also has a drawer compartment.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • Its material is easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s low, making it accessible to young kids.


  • It requires a skilled person to assemble it.


  1. An Alcove Two-door Clothes Wardrobe

An elegant wooden alcove wardrobe

This double-door wooden alcove wardrobe is a beautiful and understated wardrobe that can make your bedroom look chic. You can install it in your bedroom, hallway or entryway.

The drawer is divided into two sides providing ample room for hanging your clothes, and the top has two shelves that allow for the storage of other items like bags.


  • The material used to build the wardrobe is water-resistant therefore reducing the chances of dampness and mould.
  • Its legs are stable and carry up to 50kgs.
  • The elevated position prevents your clothes from accumulating dust.


  • It’s not suitable if you have a lot of clothes.

Fitted Wardrobes are a wonderful addition to your forever home.  They are a feature that cannot be moved from one home to another, however they are a great storage and visual feature.

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