Top Tradesmen Van Adverts

We take a look at our favourite van adverts


Glaswegians would put the city up there with New York, Paris and Madrid – and so does this painter and decorator. 

In a classic ‘Only in Glasgow’ moment the painting firm have advertised their services worldwide but mostly in the city.


What a name. Jurassic Sparks is one of our favourite bit of naming genius! This awesome name was created by Phil Clark, who is an electrician with over 30 years experience in the electrical installation trade. Phil and his team are based down in Dorset. 


Obviously being a sofa shop you always have to have a DFS sale! Do they ever not have a sale? Sofa King beats them hands down at marketing. Great work guys!


Steady on guys! What a great name for this air conditioning service company. As we like to post things suitable for work, no pictures of stuff nipples will be shown on this page. 


BJ Champion! We bet he is popular at work. This scaffolder isn’t ashamed of his name. He sings it loud and proud. 


This is obviously a bit of photoshop and a fake, but it made us laugh. 

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