Teenager Left ‘Shaken’ by Wolf-Whistling Builders

They are being investigated after their behaviour put the girl's mother on the warpath

A group of Plymouth builders have been accused of wolf-whistling a 14 year old girl, despite her being dressed for school.

According to the teenager (and her furious mum), workers at the Crescent Point construction site targeted her on five occasions despite her wearing a school uniform. It was also claimed that one of the builders was urinating against a wall.


The mum said that the experience had “really unsettled” her daughter.

“She was very obviously in her school uniform and I was very obviously her mum – it’s disgusting – it’s 2018.

“I was absolutely livid. It’s just not acceptable.”

As you might expect, things didn’t end there. The mum reported the incident to Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP Luke Pollard, who in turn contacted the site manager.

“We received a complaint of builders wolf-whistling at a young girl so we got in touch with Pickstock and reiterated that this was not the behaviour we want to see.

“Wolf-whistling at passersby especially young passersby is not acceptable.

“I think that this type of behaviour is something that the industry has tried hard to stamp out.”

A spokesperson for the construction company employing the builders said that an internal investigation had been launched.

“We do not tolerate such behaviour at Pickstock Construction.”

The company was praised by Mr Pollard for acting !quickly and swiftly”.

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