Tax Dodging Plumber Kidnapped by Angry Pensioner

This is why you always provide a receipt, boys and girls

An Italian pensioner hit the headlines after kidnapping a plumber who refused to write her a receipt.

Pina Conrotto, 75, got into an argument with a plumber called to work on her boiler. When he failed to produce a receipt for the £70 job, Ms Conrotto ran from her apartment and locked the tradie inside.

She said: “I wanted to be sure that he had used new parts.”

Police called it an “arbitrary exercise of her rights”.

Ms Conrotto also claimed that the plumber had slapped her. The police made him create a bill for the work, though he still left out the parts. He denied acting violently.

While Ms Conrotto definitely acted… well, bat*** crazy, she was actually worried about the plumber trying to avoid paying tax.

According to Italian newspaper The Corriere della Sera, Ms Conrotto acted like “a madwoman to rebel against the only theft that takes place every day in thousands of places.”

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