Sparky Gets Comeuppance in Epic Prank

Can you or your mates beat this one?

At some point, each and every one of us has been involved in a ‘which is better’ argument. The general consensus is that there is never really a right answer, whether you are talking about Star Wars vs Star Trek, Ronaldo vs Messi or anything else.

This is doubly true when it comes to different trades, as one young sparky learned to his horror.

Liam Wishart, 19, had been bragging to his mates that electricians were the best tradies around. As you would expect, his colleagues reacted in a sensible and mature way: by wrapping Liam in clear plastic, waxing his stomach and legs and leaving him in a field.

“I was absolutely furious and trying to wriggle free constantly. I was almost in a body bag of sweat and I could feel my face baking,” Liam said.

“I argued with three joiners – Davy, Mark and Tan – that sparks are the superior trade.

“After a few minutes arguing Davy, a heavy joiner, put me in a headlock while the rest tied my hands in duct tape.

“I ran away to the labourer with the top half of me tied up – hoping he would help. He tripped me up and waited for them to bring very sticky polythene that covers expensive carpets.

“They said, ‘How can we be useless now if you’re the only electrician here? No one is going to cut you out?’

“They left me to get sunburn in the back garden. They also waxed my arms and stomach.”

In all fairness, Liam took the prank in good humour. He even seems to have learned a valuable lesson about not talking s*** to his mates.

Posting a picture of himself on Twitter, he wrote: “Fair to say after two hours in the hot sun I will never tell a joiner they’re not as important as electricians.”

While most commenters reacted as you might expect, others seemed keen to continue the debate.

One wrote: “quite, Electricians aren’t important as Engineers, but you’re correct about wood butchers, wood butchers didn’t get high marks at school, hence why they are wood butchers”

Another said: “We’re the superior trade my bro”

Speaking to Wisetradesmen, Liam called the entire ordeal a “friendly prank”, saying that they were all still “pretty good pals”.

Image credit: Liam Wishart

Written by WiseTradesmen


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