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Savings Guide for a Wood burning Stove


A wood-burning stove is undoubtedly more energy-efficient than expensive central heating systems and other devices. You can burn firewood efficiently in a wood-burning stove which also means less firewood is required. You may have to pay a high price initially to buy and set up the stove, but once installed, it can help you save in the long term. 

A survey asked homeowners if they save money on electricity bills and maintenance by using wood-burning stoves. There was a 50:50 split in the response.  However, there are many other factors that can affect your savings, such as the cost of heating, cost of electricity and so on. 

If you use the stove correctly, then you can certainly save money and reduce energy consumption in your home. Go through the following guide to see how your wood-burning stove can help make savings. 

Purchase a stove that suits your family’s needs

There are various brands selling different kinds of stoves though this article will focus on wood-burning stoves as it is a more economical option than a multifuel stove. If the stove’s energy efficiency is good, you will save a lot on electricity bills. Your choice of the stove is crucial because the appliance needs to be ideal for the space it has to heat. If you buy a bigger stove while you have a small space, the power output and energy usage will increase.

Don’t compromise on quality and stay within your budget 

Everyone wants to save money wherever possible, but that does not mean you should compromise with the quality of your wood-burning stove. If you buy a faulty product at a low price, it will not stay in good condition for long and also take up a lot of energy to produce heat. 

When you buy a quality stove, you get a lot of benefits. The warmth is great, and you will save a lot of energy. You won’t have to spend regularly on repairing or maintaining the stove. There are so many options out there that you will surely find a good stove, whatever your budget may be. 

Consult licensed professionals to install your stove correctly

A wise old quote says, don’t play with fire, and it is absolutely true. Wood burning stove and any other kind produce fire and heat. Therefore if you do not install the appliance properly, it may get dangerous. If you are inexperienced and cannot set up the stove properly, then contact a licensed professional to help you out. A faulty stove can damage your home and injure your family.

Spending extra on a technician will save a lot of money in the long run because he will install the stove properly. You won’t face issues, and the stove will run efficiently. Also, if a faulty stove catches fire and damages your home, it will be dangerous and expensive. So, trusting a professional with this work is also a method of saving money. 

Consider buying a biomass boiler wood stove

You can buy a wood-burning stove with a biomass boiler that can burn organic material to produce heat. The biomass boiler is fixed to the stove and ensures the entire home can be heated instead of a single room. 

You can reduce or stop using other heating mechanisms at your home if you use a biomass boiler attached wood stove. Electricity and gas rates are rising every day, and this can be prevented by burning biomass and wood on your stove. Keep your entire house warm during the winters without spending a fortune. 

Switch off other heating appliances

Once you use a stove in a room there is no need for any other source of heating in that room and the cost of heating will go down. You can also use a thermostat to keep the rest of your home at your preferred temperature. You can also use zoned heating to heat the room you are in and not the rest of the home. 

This saves a lot of electricity and energy. You may have to heat the entire home if you don’t have a stove. With a wood-burning stove, you can use it exclusively to heat the room you are in, and no heat is wasted on other sections. Again, this helps reduce utility bills and energy costs. 

Make use of free wood

One of the simplest ways you can save money is by using free wood. Free wood can be sourced from many areas including your garden, neighbours, friends and family. You can even visit local factories, parks and other places that use wood.  However, it is crucial that the dry wood that you use has not been treated with chemicals. 

It is much better to use dry wood because it if is wet, it will take a lot of time and effort to dry it out for use in your stove.  So while you can save money by using free wood, make sure that it is dry if you want proper heating. 

Heating is essential for your home, especially during winters, and many homeowners have started using wood-burning stoves for this purpose. Wood stoves are certainly more economical than traditional heating systems and offer a lot of other benefits. 

In the above guide, we read about how to save money through the efficient use of a wood-burning stove. If you follow these methods, your energy bill goes down surely. Always buy from a genuine, trusted brand and keep your wood-burning stove in good shape for the best results. 

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