Plumber Who Claims to Be Descended from Hitler to Undergo DNA Test

Ironically enough, he claims that Hitler's son fought for France against the Nazis

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not you could be the grandson of a murderous fascist dictator?


You wouldn’t be alone – but that is exactly what one French plumber is trying to find out!

Philippe Loret claims that his grandmother met the infamous killer in 1916, during his time in the WW1 German army. As a result, Philippe believes that his father Jean-Marie, was Hitler’s illegitimate son.

That is… one hell of a claim. Supposedly, Hitler was 28 at the time and Loret’s father was conceived during a “tipsy night.”

According to Mr Loret, when he was a child his father even sat the family down to tell them: “Kids, I’ve got something to tell you. Your grandfather is Adolf Hitler.”

Historically speaking, exactly what happened to Hitler’s body after his suicide is debatable. Some claim he actually escaped to South America, some claim he ended up on the Moon and some don’t care, satisfied in believing that he died in Berlin like the colossal coward that he was.

However, Russian Intelligence actually claims to have pieces of Hitler’s skull and jaw bone. These fragments will now be used to carry out Mr Loret’s DNA test.

Loret said: “There are always some doubts, but if DNA test is negative – well, there’s nothing to do then.

“If positive – my thoughts will be confirmed. Actually, either result will be good, as it will be some result. If it is negative, I need to find out who my real granddad was.

“All what I want is to find the truth. It is a search for the truth.”

While many western academics are dubious about Russia’s claim, Russian TV channel NTV is still advertising the test as Loret’s “last hope.”

“In the Russian archives are kept the jaw and a fragment of skull of Hitler, perfect genetic material for a DNA test, which can finally prove that Philippe Loret’s grandfather was the most horrible slaughterer in human history” the station said.

“Deep in his mind, Philippe Loret is sure without any DNA that he is Hitler’s grandson. But the DNA test can unconditionally prove this story.”

Even if the bones have no connection to the moustached menace, Loret claims to have additional evidence. Supposedly a Hitler painting from the period shows Loret’s mother. Loret also revealed a diary from WW2 engineer Leonard Wilkes, one of the first to land on Normandy during D-Day.

“An interesting day today,” the diary reads. “Visited the house where Hitler stayed as a corporal in the last war, saw the woman who had a baby by him and she told us that the baby, a son, was now fighting in the French army against the Germans.”

Even if Mr Loret’s story turns out to be false, it still provides an entertaining account of just how bonkers Hitler really was.

Supposedly Mr Loret’s grandmother told her son: “When your father was around, which was very rarely, he liked to take me for walks in the countryside.”

“But these walks usually ended badly. In fact, your father, inspired by nature, launched into speeches which I did not really understand.

“He did not speak French, but solely ranted in German, talking to an imaginary audience.”

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