The construction worker sustained no major injuries

There might be a new contender for the world’s unluckiest construction worker.

37 year old Yang Ming, from China, somehow managed to survive being electrocuted, thrown and then impaled on a four foot steel bar.

The good news is, it missed all of his vital organs.

Horrifyingly however the bar penetrated his anus until just beneath his right shoulder.

It took seven hours of surgery to save Ming. His rescuers were forced to transport him to the hospital with the pole still inside him. Miraculously, he was still conscious by the time he arrived on the ward.

"The patient did not show any obvious signs of bleeding in the chest or abdominal cavity,” said Wang Xin, Head of Thoracic Surgery at the Sichuan University West China Hospital.

"His blood pressure and heart rate were also stable."

The patient is now recovering in hospital. Although he sustained a few minor tears to his pancreas, liver, lungs, bladder and intestines, none of his injuries proved critical.

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