Electrician has nasty shock on the job.

This week we received a video from Wayne Sam Fitzpatrick. He let us know he has a massive fear of rats and had a nasty shock on the job. 

Wayne is an Electrician and his mate Rod Drew filmed this little gem of a video. 

Needless to say, our social followers have had a good laugh at Waynes expense. Give it a watch below or on our facebook page

However that is not where the story ends for the Rob and Wayne show. It seems this two tradesmen love to play pranks on each other and have a bit of fun on the jobs. 

Wayne's reply is nice and simple, air horn.  The good old air horn scare prank is a classic really. No messing about, no creativity, just a bloody big horn making a loud noise. 

Have you done a prank on any of your colleagues and filmed it? We'd love to share this video with our huge tradesmen community.

You can submit it via our website, message us on facebook or email us at hello@wisetradesmen.com

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