Despite the irony, artists have highlighted dangerous potholes by filling them with soil and flowers.

An unfilled pothole can be a huge hazard for a driver. Worse yet, we all know that one pothole that’s been around for months and hasn’t been filled.

It seems that in recent years, responses have ranged from doing the sensible thing and complaining to the local council to trying to get its attention in more creative ways.

More recently, however, vigilante artists have taken the potentially dangerous route of filling up potholes by planting flowers inside of them.

Quite rightly, sensible people have pointed out that this can also be a hazard for drivers. Sure, the flowers can be distracting, but the soil can also impair a driver’s braking ability.

Still, the phenomenon has become popular on social media. Many flowers have been subsequently removed by police, so perhaps it’s at least drawing more attention to the problem of potholes.

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