Is it Bruce Lee? Uma Thurman? No, it's a driver assaulting someone while being recorded... and wearing hi vis clothes

A man was recorded as he managed to fend off a van driver who attacked him with karate kicks.

The footage, covered by The Sun, shows the scene as it unfolds in in Normanton, West Yorkshire. The man, wearing a black shirt with ‘security’ written on the back, yells “Caught! Assault, on CCTV!” at the driver as he tries to pull out into the road.

After the man slams his fist into the side of the van, the driver decides to jump out and assault him.

The driver runs at him with a kick and then continues to try and hurt the man, who takes it all and keeps coming. Eventually the man gets to the van and takes the keys, only for the driver to come at him with what looks like a wrench.

“Go! I’m going to kill you, go!” the driver threatens.

“I pay your wages,” the man responds. “You assault a customer, you are f***ing scum. Don’t come at me with weapons!”

The man then shouts at the person holding the camera to dial 999. He tries to stop the driver from leaving and yells that he’s on video as the license plate is recorded.

“You are f***ed!”

So far, the video has gathered over 57,000 views.

Since in the video we hear about a supposed “assault” committed by the driver which was caught on CCTV before the footage starts, it seems that he was well and truly “f***ed” even before he chose to do his worst high-vis Bruce Lee impression

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