Despite playing alongside Sting and Shaggy, the star failed to win over the commuters

You know when a busker suddenly appears on a crowded tube carriage and starts playing for everyone? Don’t you just love when this happens?

No? Thank goodness.

To any sane person it might seem like common sense that when you’re on your way to work, the last thing you want is for someone to get in your face with obnoxious music. However, it seems that this reality was lost on comedy star James Corden, who earned the ire of New York subway passengers when he decided to serenade them alongside Sting and Shaggy.

Since moving to America, Corden has enjoyed some serious success. One of his most famous featurettes is ‘Carpool Karaoke’, where he and celebrity guests are recorded driving and singing together. For this year’s Grammy Awards, which Corden hosted, he decided to shake things up a bit by trying the same formula on a New York subway train.

After boarding the carriage (Sting holding his guitar and Corden carrying a stereo), they start with a rendition of ‘Every Breath You Take’. However, by the time they switch to ‘It Wasn’t Me’, we can see that the passengers are starting to get peeved.

One passenger said: “Sorry son, nobody wants to hear you sing.”

This was actually one of the most polite responses they got. A commuter dressed as a builder simply told them: “Hey fellas, knock it off!”

He then accused them of “annoying everyone on the train.”

Now, the more cynical among you might suspect that since the sketch happened to involve three mega-stars (two if you don’t count Shaggy) appearing in public, the fact that the commuters aren’t even a little bit starstruck might seem a tad suspicious.

However, anyone who takes public transport regularly will usually get lost in a world of their own. Indeed, one commuter told Corden: “Aw man I’m sorry - I don’t have any cash on me.”

This, of course, is the most natural response to buskers who can’t take a hint.

Unfortunately, taking hints didn’t seem to be the theme of the video, as Corden shouted that they were “filming this for the Grammys!”

Eventually the builder stood up to confront the trio.

“I’ve already said this once and I’m not gonna say it again - shut up and sit down!”

“How about YOU shut up and sit down?” Corden responded.

Oh boy…

After being told that he would “never be as powerful as the power of music”, it seems that the builder finally had enough and smacked Corden across the face.

According to The Independent, the builder involved was indeed an actor. While anyone who doesn’t particularly like Gavin and Stacey might find this disappointing, we cannot deny that the sketch ends perfectly.

“Whose stupid idea was this?” asked Sting.

Shaggy replied: “Wasn’t me.”

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