The HGV driver forced her to reverse over the narrow bridge despite there being a lay by

A pensioner found herself in a game of chicken after she confronted a 10-ton tanker with her mobility scooter.

Ann Orchard, 80, was crossing Yalding Bridge with her scooter on the way home from a doctor’s appointment. As the fuel tanker approached in the opposite direction it refused to budge, eventually forcing the disabled grandmother to reverse back to the start of the bridge.

Her daughter and full time carer Helen Martin recorded the confrontation as she walked alongside her.

“Mum can’t get about easily as she has osteoarthritis, bad hips and several other conditions,” said Helen.

“She can only walk indoors and can’t get out and about unless she’s in a wheelchair or on her scooter and sometimes she’s not even well enough for that.”

“The pavement over the bridge is too narrow and is cobblestoned so she can’t use it as it shakes her chair too much.

“Even when I push her in the wheelchair we have to use the road.

“A lot of drivers are really nice and will stop and let you go. It was clear so I told her to go.”

Indeed, there is a lay by in the middle of the bridge to allow vehicles to pass, which Ann could have happily driven into. Rather than give her the space, however, the HGV driver kept going.

Mrs Martin, who also cares for 78 year old father Dave, added: “He could see mum, but he didn’t care.

“He could have gone into the lay by. I shook my head at him and then he started swearing at me.

“He was so rude.

“Mum was really shaken up and upset by it. It makes her think twice about going out.

“She’s had her mobility scooter a couple of years but this sort of thing shakes her confidence.

“The whole thing makes me so angry. There was no need for that lorry driver’s attitude."

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