It seems like there’s a new cowboy tradesmen story in the news every other day. There’s always some piece of trash trying to make a fortune by conning unsuspecting customers, and every time they show up in the paper it manages to give honest tradesmen a bad name.

One thing that you barely hear about in the news, however, is a ‘cowboy customer’. This is a kind of customer that every tradie has run into at some point or another: some crooked git who decides that they’re going to do everything they can to avoid paying their bill at the end of a job.

This is a problem that Paul ‘Ballo’ Ballington, AKA ‘The Singing Plumber’, seems to have run into on more than one occasion.

“Hmm… ‘rogue traders’ I’m sure they’re out there, and there’s plenty of media coverage and tv coverage telling you that they’re out there, but there’s never anything about rogue customers, is there? Those b******s that decide they’re not gonna pay you.

“They give you every excuse under the sun and make you chase them round like a t*** for your money. Unbelievable.”

So, what did Mr Ballington do? He wrote a song about it of course!

“It’s about time us tradesmen stood up to be counted. So…”

“Bit of justice there” indeed, Mr Ballington. I think any of us would have done the same.

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