He kept up his con for several days, even 'examining' at least one underage patient

Have you ever suspected that doctors aren’t quite as clever as we think they are? You might have thought that anyone could just slip into a white coat and pass for a medical professional.

Well, as it turns out, that’s right on the money! Anton Yarin, a Russian plumber, managed to spend days pretending to be a gynaecologist after putting on a doctor’s uniform.

A husband and father, Mr Yarin had reportedly been seeking a plumbing job at the hospital in Pervouralsk, Russia. However, once he had donned his disguise he presented himself as an A&E medic, a surgeon and a gynaecologist to various members of staff.

Shockingly, nobody caught on to his con, allowing him to perform ‘examinations’ on a number of women, at least one of whom was under the age of 18.

Hospital head Nikolay Shaydurov said: “He knows the hospital well and knows names of many of our doctors.”

According to Dr Shaydurov, the 31 year old had previously been a patient there.

“He was very confident.

“We believed he was a new doctor.”

According to a hospital source, “no patients complained about the quality of his treatment”.

Local police are currently investigating the case, though Mr Yarin has yet to be detained.

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