His girlfriend always said "he would suit being a woman."

A West Yorkshire plumber woke up to regret his night out when he realised that his girlfriend had given him a full makeover, false nails and all!

Stephen Hall had planned to spend his Sunday with his girlfriend, Natalie. Unfortunately, he passed out as six in the morning after an all night bender, leaving Natalie with a free morning and a score to settle.

The vengeful Natalie stood over the passed out Stephen and began to apply foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeshadow, false lashes and a set of false nails. Unfortunately for Stephen, she also photographed and recorded the entire thing.

"I have always said he would suit being a woman,” said Natalie, 23.

"So, I thought I would do him up and see what he would look like.

"He's quite a feminine character.

"He is very bubbly and a lot of people have fun with him.

"He had gone out and been drinking all night Saturday until 6am on Sunday morning he had a bit too much to drink and we were meant to be going out for the day.

"I wanted to spend some time with him.”

Stephen finally woke up after scratching himself with his new nails. Since then, Natalie hasn’t been going to sleep before him, for fear of a payback prank.

Still, Stephen still admits that he made a “pretty woman.”

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