The clients were clueless, even though the nest could've supported 10,000 wasps!

Fred Goodall found something rather startling while renovating a porch in Hevingham: a gigantic wasps’ nest!

Thankfully, the incredible nest had been long sing abandoned. Still, considering that it was big enough to support 10,000 of the buzzing little b******s, it was still a shocking find!

“We were just working on a porch, extending it, when we took out the ceiling and discovered this huge nest,” said Mr Goodhall, the owner of Goodall Builders in Norwich.

“It looked huge but only weighed about 2lbs. It felt like a bag of sugar.

“The homeowners were away on holiday so we sent them a picture and they were amazed. They knew nothing about it at all.”

The 58 year old managed to get the gargantuan nest loose using a handsaw. Naturally, he did the most sensible thing possible with the his trophy.

“My friend then took it to a local school for the children to see and as you can imagine they were absolutely fascinated,” he continued.

“It was no trouble removing it. I might have thought twice if there were live wasps inside though."

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