How much would you do your job naked for? A married mother-of-one is paid £45 an hour to clean men's houses completely naked.

Emily who is  25 and lives in Liverpool is the naked cleaner everyone is talking about this week. 

She only wears only rubber gloves as she scrubs bathrooms, dusts shelves, vacuums carpets and irons clothes at her naturist clients' homes. 

But she insists her customers - who are forbidden from making advances - are complete gentlemen, and claims she never feels like a sex object even as they watch her clean totally nude. 

Emily, who is currently on maternity leave, found her lucrative new career after a friend told her about women who are paid to film themselves cleaning their own homes in the nude. 

It begs the question, how much could naked tradesmen earn per hour? Not sure it might be safe in some trade jobs mind you with your tackle out and on display. 

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