The three new burgers are the first permanent addition to the McDonald's menu in 30 years!

McDonald’s has announced a new range of posh burgers that will take a permanent place on its menu.

As part of its recent quarterly financial results, the world renowned fast food chain revealed ‘The Signature Collection’: three burgers boasting “100% British and Irish beef” and “select ingredients”.

Well, we’ve all heard what ‘select ingredients’ McDonald’s is supposedly famous for, but these burgers definitely look tasty!

The new twists on the classic Maccy D’s formula include ‘The Classic’, ‘The BBQ’ and ‘The Spicy’. Between them they feature Beechwood smoked bacon, smoky BBQ sauce and jalapeno slices, along with a delicious brioche bun.

On the downside they cost £4.69: over five times the cost of a McDonald’s Hamburger. A meal costs £6.19.

The burgers are currently available at 600 branches and there are plans to roll them out nationwide by the middle of next year.

Speaking to The Sun, McDonald’s UK Food Development Director Duncan Cruttenden claimed that the range took four years of development with a Chef’s Council. The result is the first new permanent range to join the McDonald’s menu in 30 years.

“We are still seen as a great value brand but it’s about offering great value across the menu and our gourmet Signature collection is a great value across the market place,” he told The Sun.

Certain Maccy D’s customers will have noticed other additions across the chain. Many branches now include kiosks which let customers choose and pay for food in advance, while 2016 saw the introduction of a secret menu which included apple pie McFlurrys!

“It’s really about offering customers more choice options and creating more occasions. It’s not about them buying the Signature Collection instead of a Big Mac – it’s about creating another opportunity from an occasion perspective."

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