The Nintendo-mad plumber's girlfriend sent out the joke CV by accident

We all look back at our old CVs with some embarrassment, either for the weirdly idealistic language, the rubbish spelling or because we had to ask our parents to proofread.

Still, when it comes to embarrassing CV’s this might take the cake, or rather the 1-UP mushroom.

Since 25 year old James was having trouble writing his own CV, his girlfriend Shannon-Marie decided to help him out… by writing a Super Mario themed resume for the aspiring plumber.

“I have previously worked as an employment consultant where I would help people get back into work, so I have written loads of CV’s and he keeps pestering me to write his CV but wouldn’t sit with me to do it,” Shannon-Marie said to

“I thought I would play a prank on him to show him the importance of having an input and taking ownership of his job searching.

“So I wrote the Mario one when I finished work one day and just emailed it to him.

“It was meant as a joke as he is Nintendo Mad and he has dressed up as Mario for a costume party, and has previously shaved his moustache to look like Mario for a joke.”

So, how could an employer benefit by hiring James? The CV calls him: “A highly professional newly trained plumber, who is skilled at planning and executing dangerous rescue missions repeatedly to save our local princess from the evil clutches of my arch nemesis Bowzer and his illegitimate child Koopa.”

He also has a number of work uniforms, including “Fire Mario, Raccoon Mario, Cat Mario and Star Mario.”

It didn’t mention anything about punctuation, but who needs that when you can shoot fire from your hands?

Among his key ‘skills’, the CV references a 1st place win on Rainbow Road, participation in the 2008 and 2012 Beijing and London Olympics and being able to “fit down pipes.”

Funny stuff, but neither Shannon-Marie nor James, both from Kent, expected what was coming next.

“I just uploaded a document that said James CV and didn’t think anymore of it,” Shannon-Marie continued.

“James hadn’t checked it and just sent it off. He hadn’t had any response which we found really strange as he had applied for a few jobs.”

Eventually, Shannon spoke directly with a local employer who she knew was looking for a new hire. Once she went to send over James’ CV, she finally realised what had happened.

“I went to email his CV and couldn’t find his real CV other than his Mario Style CV and went into panic as I had uploaded it straight from my Dropbox.

“I rang James to tell him as he was at college finishing off his coursework and he just laughed.

“He wasn’t too happy as he felt a bit like an idiot but I reassured him that his real CV is now what will be sent out.”

While James’ Super Mario CV didn’t get him any interviews, James did not seem to mind. Needless to say, we hope he has learned the importance of doing his own work, or at least checking his CV before sending it off.

He is now applying for jobs with a sensible CV, one that’s more about actual plumbing skills and less about stomping on innocent turtles

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