A west London plumber recorded footage of "dancing" lights in the sky

A London plumber claims to have captured footage of aliens flying over Ruislip Retail Park.

Kevin Richards claims to have caught a glimpse of what he described as lights “dancing or playing around in the cloud” in the sky above his west London home, last Wednesday night.

"The moment I saw I had a feeling of calm,” said Mr Richards. “You could tell it was not man-made. What can throw shapes like that in a cloud? Plus, those things would have to be huge!"

Naturally suspicious that people might not believe him, Kevin recorded the mysterious lights on his smartphone

Here’s the thing: the lights were seen in about the same direction as the local RAF Northolt flight path.

Still, Kevin’s girlfriend also claims to have seen something similar in the sky at the same location around the same time. The strange lights also appeared for a length of time that is inconsistent with aircraft.

Perhaps we are not alone in the universe after all?

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