Is your construction project is taking more time than usual? Are your builders missing one after another deadline in the project? Then they are probably working as “The 2 Johnnies”!

The 2 Johnnies is a comedy duo from Tipperary and they are playing a pair of builders who use ridicules excuse to avoid any physical strain.

While making tea they are pretending to the customer that they are busy or pretending a perfectly functioning tap is “going to be a big job”, and they need more time to fix it.

Or they are dipping the tea bag in a cup and telling the client that they are digging deep and preparing the mixture. Whenever the client calls them they act very busy; when in reality they are doing nothing important or sipping tea.

The two comedians have their impersonation of cowboy builders down to a tee, with classic lines such as "sure put the kettle on anyway".

The next time you deal with a group of lazy builders who care more about drinking endless cups of tea then complete the project on time, and then these Irish comedians’ new video will be all too familiar.

Source: Irishpost

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