Hetty Douglas was forced to close her Instagram account as a result of the backlash to her post.

An artist caused outrage online after posting a mocking image of a group of workmen as they waited in line for lunch.

Hetty Douglas posted a picture of the men as they queued in McDonalds, saying “These guys look like they got 1 GCSE.”

In case you somehow don’t know who Hetty Douglas is, her website describes her as an artist whose focus is work  "that represents both the light and dark that comes with simply existing".

Ok, maybe that was harsh.

Still, Hetty’s actions were particularly surprising considering that back in July she told Dazed Digital: “I think as long as we are kind and gentle to others and, more importantly, ourselves then everything is bless.”  

Negative comments soon flooded Douglas’ Instagram page, with one claiming she “wouldn’t last two minutes in the shoes of a tradesman.”

Photographer Rhi Harper soon retweeted the picture while summing up the situation rather perfectly.

Harper’s post has so far received over 65,000 likes and has been retweeted over 16,000 times.

"What a twonk she is,” wrote one commenter. “I wear safety boots and ppe too and I have a masters. What should someone look like who has grades?"

"What a ghastly person,” wrote another. “They actually look like guys who do a decent day's work. Maybe she doesn't."

Rhi has taken the attention well, even if some people are a little confused.

Douglas’ Instagram account has now been closed down.

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