Labourers spotted offering their services in car parks for £50 cash a day.

Immigrant workers have been providing cut price labour, sometimes for as little as £50 a day.

According to the results of a probe by the Daily Star, immigrants from as far away as Turkey regularly offer their services outside of home improvement and DIY stores. Others have also reported spotting illegal workers advertising cheap labour close to chain stores such as B&Q, Selco and Ikea.

Their presence naturally raises concerns about the job security of UK tradesmen who will not be able to match the low rates.

However, it also places homeowners at risk. There are always dangers that come with hiring a tradesmen without knowing their background. A legitimate tradesman will have a business address, insurance and qualifications, while a car park day labourer is a complete unknown.

Still, how many people are happy to pay cash in hand for home improvement jobs in exchange for a cheaper quote?

Well there’s these two:

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