The 60 year old would use a packet as a 'Faraday cage' around his PDA

An Australian electrician was fired after using an empty Twisties packet to get out of work.

Perth tradie Tom Colella used the packet to block the GPA tracking signal from the personal digital assistant (PDA) he had received from work. He was dismissed after an anonymous observer allegedly spotted him playing golf while on the job, not just once but over 140 times!

The 60 year old filed an unfair dismissal case, but his former employers were able to prove that he had been at home for 21 days last year whilst claiming to be at work. Commissioner Bernie Riordan argued that Mr Colella had been “deliberately mischievous” in his actions’.

He wrote: “I have taken into account that Mr Colella openly stored his PDA device in an empty foil ''Twisties'' bag.

“As an experienced electrician, Mr Colella knew that this bag would work as a Faraday cage, thereby preventing the PDA from working properly.”

The Fair Work Commission found that Mr Colella was reasonably fired, despite his claims that his actions were harmless.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mr Colella said: “As the senior delegate I didn't want to be implicated - say I wanted to go on smoko or go and get some spare parts - we didn't want to be tracked.

“[I did it] to protect myself and the company - they said they wouldn't track us. So I purposely decided to put it in a Twisties packet - it was the simplest option.

“The reason why this all started is because a person put in a complaint saying I'd been playing golf all the time.”

A senior member of the Electrical Trade Union, Mr Colella had been earning around £110,000. Now, he drives an Uber for a few hundred dollars a week.

“That was all refuted... this person's allegations were found to be false - then they decided to go into other information.”

Mr Colella plans to seek permission to appeal the decision.

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