91 year old Jim Richardson's wish was fulfilled by his son

A 91 year old Derby electrician has achieved his dream of being driven around a motor racing circuit in a sidecar, despite being dead!

Jim Richardson, who served with the Royal Air Force in WW2, was driven around Darley Moor Circuit in his coffin thanks to the efforts of his son, Ian.

“A couple of years ago we were at the funeral of my father-in-law and my dad said to me ‘I am going to set you a challenge’,” said Ian, 53.

“I said ‘what’s that then?’ and he told me he wanted to be driven around a major race circuit in a sidecar before he died.

“Sadly he was too ill and frail to make that a reality as he was 91 when he died on July 15. So we were determined to try and make it happen before his funeral.”

Although he was not able to organise the drive before Jim’s passing, Ian was able to arrange it posthumously with help from A.W.Lymn, a family funeral service.

“We’re really pleased that we have been able to fulfil his wishes and the family have been a pleasure to deal with,” said Mark Chapman, Funeral Director for A.W.Lymn.

Mr Richardson’s coffin was driven around the circuit several times in a motorbike sidecar before being taken to Markeaton Crematorium for his funeral.

Jim and his wife Monica were together for 62 years and had four children. According to Ian, his parents would ride on a motorbike together when they first became an item, but his father’s request still left him speechless.

“He was a family man who loved his bowls, playing for Normanton Park, and who enjoyed 35 years of retirement,” Ian continued.

“He was lucky to have no major illnesses until he died, was married for more than 62 years and raised four children.

“I think if you can have those cards dealt to you then you’d take them.”

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