Stuart Langley "doesn't quite know what he was hoping to achieve."

A Reading electrician has been charged over a drunken attempt to cut down a speed camera with a saw.

Stuart Langley, 30, was confronted by a police officer after being spotted “holding a large object” at the speed camera at 11pm on Wednesday March 8th. The camera enforces a 30mph speed limit on a hill leading into Ashley Cross on Bournemouth Road, Poole.

"As he drives past, he sees a male standing by the speed camera holding a large object against the raised arm of the camera," said Lee Turner, prosecuting.

"It looks like he's sawing."

The officer began to approach the man as he put something into the back of his van.

"He identifies himself as Mr Langley. The officer believes the defendant is drunk," Mr Turner continued.

"The officer inspects the camera and can see saw marks on the metal strut of the camera in the same place he saw the sawing motion taking place.

"[The defendant] was clearly trying to cut down the arm of the camera."

Fortunately, the camera received little actual damage. According to Holly Huxtable, mitigating, Langley had admitted to her that the saw would never have been enough to actually cut the camera down.

“This is a rather silly incident,” she confessed.

"At the time of this offence, he told me he had found out his granddad had passed away."

"He bought a bottle of whiskey and consumed the whole lot.

"There was no real intention to do significant damage.

"He was drunk and it was a stupid act.

"He doesn't quite know what he was hoping to achieve."

Langley was eventually sentenced to a 12 month conditional discharge. He will also be required to pay a £105 fine for the incident.

"What a stupid thing to be doing under the influence of drink," said Mike Davis, the presiding magistrate.

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