the van driver opened his door without warning and sent the cyclist flying.

Footage of a cyclist being ‘doored’ by a van driver was recorded by a shocked motorist on dashcam.

The incident occurred during the Islington morning rush-hour on 13th March. The footage shows the driver of a Renault Trafic opening his door without any warning to the cyclist, who was sent flying before smashing back down onto the road.

Thankfully, the victim only received minor injuries.

Dooring is legally categorised as a ‘collision’. The act could have been punished with a fine of up to £1000, though the police were not involved or called to the scene. Even if the driver had been convicted, he would not have received points on his license.

“This video captures very clearly the danger faced every day by cyclists from ‘dooring’,” said Simon Marsh, Managing Director of VisionTrack.

“In this case, the cyclist had an incredibly lucky escape because, as well as being flattened by the door of the van, he could easily have been crushed by the Jetta driver whose dashcam filmed the incident.

“This footage shows why it is vital that all vehicles are fitted with dashcams.

“They protect innocent drivers like the Jetta driver and they highlight the perils we all face through the careless actions of many people on our roads."

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