The workers at Ian W Sturrock & Sons received no warning that they would lose their jobs

A team of Dundee tradesmen were left shocked when they returned from the Christmas break, only to find their employer had gone into liquidation.

Nine workers came back to work at Ian W Sturrock & Sons to find an email waiting for them. To their horror, it revealed that liquidators had been dismantling the business since December 22.

John Lee, a tiler and plasterer, said: “We haven’t had any contact whatsoever – the way everyone has been treated is terrible.

“This isn’t about a company going bust – it is about doing it the right way and this isn’t it.”

Everyone was told that they would not be receiving the holiday bonuses that they were all expecting, nor would they be awarded any redundancy pay to cushion the blow.

Some employees had been with the company for as many as 40 years. It was founded by Ian Sturrock in 1973, though his sons had been in charge for the least decade.

“We were just told that there was no money going in our banks,” said Normal Low, a joiner who had worked at the company for 33 years.

“This has had a huge impact on my family – I have worked for the company for my entire working life.

“This is a new chapter in my life.

“We have basically been left to fend for ourselves.”

Unite, the trade union, soon came out in support of the workers.

Regional officer David Lawson said: “We are talking about workers with combined services of over 70 years in this case – it is terrible.”

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