He claimed to be trying to "get the circulation back in his leg"

A former carpenter has appeared in court after being caught masturbating in an Asda car park in Brighton.

On 14th February this year, Mr Timothy McTighe’s wife had left him and the family dog in the car while she went to do her shopping. Although he insisted that he did not think anyone would see him, he was spotted by at least two passers-by.

His defence was based on the argument that he was trying to “get the circulation back in his leg” after it went numb from an undiagnosed condition.

“He went shopping with his wife in Asda,” said Ed Fish, defending.

“She went into the shop and he was in the car looking after the dog.

“While there his leg went numb.

“He’s tried to get the circulation back in his leg and it moved on to something else.

“He didn’t think anybody else would be able to see him.

“Having been told someone else had seen him he was mortified.

“He was understandably extremely embarrassed about what occurred.”

In Fish’s own words, “one thing had simply led to another.”

McTighe claimed that health problems had made it difficult for him to find work, and that tax credits had become his main source of income. He admitted to the act, however, and was ordered to complete 20 rehabilitation sessions and pay £85 in court costs.

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