Alban Saiti said he'd "never felt so humiliated."

A builder was kicked out of a West London cafe for being “dirty”.

Alban Saiti, 35, was on his way to work when he stopped at Raoul’s for a coffee. However, he claims that a waiter told him: “We cannot serve you. You are dirty.”

Naturally this has sparked criticism against the establishment. Commenting on The Sun  website, Samy Singh rightly said: "I am pretty sure his money was very clean!!! Their loss."

Regardless, the owner of Raoul’s quickly came forward to defend the policy.

“We are a cafe - but we are not a caf,” said owner Geraldine Leventis.

Ok, let’s stop for a second. If you are an upper class establishment, it’s fair enough that you wouldn’t want someone in grubby clothes coming in and getting things dirty. Still, Geraldine herself admitted that Alban “wasn’t filthy dirty”, but that his work overalls simply had “stains on the trousers.

"I'm not saying anything against it but in the past we have had builders come in and we've had to turn them away because they've been in builders work clothes,” she continued. “And people object to it.

"We don't just turn people out willy nilly.

"We apologise if it has caused any problems."

Has it caused any problems? Well yeah; as it turns out, treating someone poorly because of what they do for a living is a pretty shameful and snobbish thing to do!

“It was embarrassing,” said Mr Saiti.

“I said, ‘I don’t work in an office, I’m a builder’.

“What am I supposed to do, take my clothes off?”

“I’ve lived here for 20 years and I’ve never felt so humiliated.”

It makes you wonder what Geraldine will do the next time there’s an issue at the ‘cafe’. Maybe she’ll expect her plumber to turn up wearing a tuxedo!

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