Thankfully diesel vans will be exempt

Diesel drivers will soon be hit with higher charges as a result of the recent 2017 Budget.

The bad news is that, as of April next year, any diesel cars which fail to meet current emission standards will be hit with a one-band increase in the first band vehicle excise duty rate.

The good news is that this new charge will only apply to diesel cars, so white van drivers can rest easy.

“And we only apply the measures to cars,” said chancellor Philip Hammond. “So before the headline writers start limbering up let me be quite clear: no white van man or woman will be hit by these measures.”

The current supplement for company car tax will also rise by 1%.

Mr Hammond’s budget outlined a number of governmental investments in the construction industry. For one, the government hopes to be building 300,000 homes a year by mid 2020.

More importantly, the budget also addressed the future of the sector. A whopping £44bn is set to be invested in teaching construction and the government will also oversee a national retraining scheme for construction and digital skills.

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