A big part of the job was just getting the pennies from across the country!

A Birmingham barber shop owner made the news with his latest DIY project: a 70,000 one-pence-piece floor!

Father of two Brett Davies had just had a lino floor installed in his barber shop, the BS4. However, he found that it scratched easily, and wondered what his other options could be.

“The company gave us a refund and after deciding we didn’t want tiles, carpet or laminate, we looked into alternative options,” he told the Worcester News.

It took the 43-year-old and his team six weeks to finish the floor.

“We did it ourselves.”

Part of the process involved taking trips to banks across the country just to get enough pennies!

“It seemed to take forever.

“We did it over a period of six weeks but we probably spent about 200 hours in total.”

Davies owns four shops, but he’s probably safe in claiming that the one in Lower Gornal is the “most extravagant of the four.”

He reckons that the floor is worth £700, which makes sense if you just convert the pennies into pounds. What do you think a floor like this would really be worth.

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