Johnny Carroll and his accomplice were both in convicted in May of this year

A Wiltshire builder convicted for leading a whole gang of cowboys could face new charges over a huge sum that has disappeared from his bank account.

Johnny Carroll, 26, was convicted in May of this year for fraud, receiving three years and two months. He operated in Devon, Teignbridge and South Wales, preying on predominantly infirm and elderly victims with the help of a posse of cowboy builders. They would offer work repairing walls and roofs, but soon trapped their victims in an expensive nightmare.

In just 22 months his team used bullying tactics and imaginary guarantees to defraud 21 pensioners of £108,000. Sometimes he would even take his victims to the bank himself.

Over time, he used a number of aliases for his business. This included JW Contractors, Torbay Roofing and Building, Property Care and Westfield Driveway.

Now Mr Carroll is being told to reveal any and all information he might have about £326,883 which made its way through his bank account before he was apprehended.

During his spree, lasting primarily from July 2012 to May 2014, Mr Carroll also brought in unemployed teenager John Rice to launder his ill gotten money. He too was arrested, earning 12 weeks in prison for money laundering. A sum of £11,650 was frozen in his own account, but this will soon be signed over to the police.

If Carroll refuses to provide his own financial information, the courts will then have to decide how long to extend his jail time.

"Carroll’s current assets appear to be £100 but this is not a case where the prosecution accept that will be the sum confiscated,” said Alan Fuller, prosecuting.

"There is a possibility that there have been tainted gifts or that there are hidden assets because the investigators looked at all sums over £500 that had come out of the account and they came to £326,883."

According to Nicholas Murphy, defending, the new issues stemmed from problems in taking instructions and answering financial enquiries. He insisted that Mr Carroll will provide the necessary information “within the new deadline.”

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