He claims to have only had two singing lessons in his life!

An Australian plumber has gone viral after his incredible opera singing was recorded - while he was changing a shower head!

Dylan Saliba, of Sydney, was filmed by his friend of 12 years John Mammone as he worked. The 22 year old was oblivious as John captured the rendition of Nessun Dorma.

Although he regularly sings while on the job, Dylan has only had two singing lessons in his life. Instead, the plumber confessed to MailOnline, he learned by listening to Andrea Bocelli CDs.

“I’ve had two singing lessons about three years ago,” he told MailOnline. “I don’t sing professionally, just for a laugh.

Nonetheless, the response to the video after it appeared on Facebook has been more than positive.

Jordan Forestieri commented: “You better be going on the next X Factor."

“I just sing and people love it,” Dylan continued. “I sung once in front of my family and friends - they cried and screamed. It was a good feeling but I freaked out a little.

“Since then, whenever there is a birthday they always ask me to sing but I say no.”

Naturally, the question on all our minds is: will Dylan leave plumbing behind to make a career out of some different pipes?

“I'm just a plumber, I never thought about singing,” he replied.

“People tell me to do talent shows but I always say next year. If something comes from this video I'd love to sing every day.

“I wasn't expecting the likes and comments on the video.”

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