The piece was composed using everyday noises that a plumber might hear while on the job

Plumbing company Armitage Shanks is celebrating its 200th birthday with a unique musical composition made from everyday plumbing noises.

The iconic British brand, originally founded in 1817, has teamed up with Shoreditch music production collaborative DJ Molecules to compose a piece using such sounds as dripping taps, pipes being cut and even a flushing toilet.

A free-to-download smartphone app named ‘Beats 200’ has also been released, allowing users to create two-minute tracks of their very own. The most widely shared track will win the composer a £5,000 value birthday experience, along with a spot on a Beats 200 album.

Even if you don’t win, you can still download your track to use as a ringtone!

“Armitage Shanks turns 200 in 2017, making it one of the UK’s longest-standing brands,” said Katie Hope, Marketing Director for Ideal Standard.

“Over the last two centuries, Armitage Shanks has become synonymous with quality bathroom design for homes and businesses across the UK. The Celebrate200 campaign celebrates this, promoting the brand to a multi-generational audience. Armitage Shanks’ headquarters is the only remaining major scale manufacturing plant to continue producing ceramic bathroom products in the UK.”

Indeed, the company’s factory produces over 1,000 toilets every day! Armitage Shanks has also been responsible for a number of breakthroughs in technology designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and improve water flow and drainage.

“We’re delighted to celebrate this historic milestone, creating a platform for our brand to take water intelligence to the next level.”

The Celebrate 200 campaign also includes ‘H2O Levels’, a quiz on all things plumbing. All of this, along with a detailed history of the long established brand, can be found at the company’s new website:

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