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6 Simple Electrical Maintenance Tips

All of us want to use electricity as safely, carefully and efficiently as we can, but unfortunately most of us lack the knowledge to run our home to its maximum potential. We often avoid looking at the more complicated electrical faults or problems that arise until something simply stops working, and then we call in a […] More

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Copper Pipe Prices | Steel Pipe Prices

Need to install new pipes? Copper and steel pipes are a good, long-lasting option – get the latest steel and copper pipe prices here. How much does a Copper and Steel Pipe cost? Average cost in UK: £4 Get local prices £2 LOW COST £6 HIGH COST £4 AVG COST The average cost for a […] More

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Asbestos Garage And Roof Removal | Costs And Prices Guide

Was your garage or shed built using asbestos? If so, you could be at risk if the asbestos starts to deteriorate – find out how much asbestos garage and roof removal costs here to stay safe. How much does a Asbestos Air Testing cost? Average cost in UK: £250 Get local prices £60 LOW COST […] More

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