Makita Releases Building-Site-Proof Coffee Maker

It even uses power tool batteries!

On the most back breaking and arduous jobs there’s always one thought that comes to mind right at the most hopeless second: “God I could use a coffee.”

Power tool company Makita has released the ultimate tool for a tradie in need: a sturdy coffee maker designed to be usable even on building sites.

It doesn’t seem quite as well-protected as a Makita radio, but if your coffee maker needs that kind of defence then we don’t know what to tell you. Still, we definitely like the portable design (certainly never seen a coffee maker with a handle before – not bad for carrying up a ladder to a day-long roofing job).


Aside from the sturdy design, the ‘CM501DZ’ model also has one other advantage: the lithium ion battery packs it uses are the same as those used in many of Makita’s other power tools. The creators claim that an 18V BL1860 battery can brew around 5.3 cups.

Unfortunately there’s a problem other than having to buy coffee pods from the company: this particular machine is, for now at least, only available in Japan.

Over there you can pick it up for 11,900 yen, or around £79.40.

Until it becomes available in the UK, you’ll have to stick to sending the apprentice on coffee runs.

Written by WiseTradesmen


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