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How much does a Conservatory Cleaning cost?
Average cost in UK: £85
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The average cost for a Conservatory Cleaning is £85. You are likely to spend between £25 and £160 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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Summary of Conservatory Cleaning Costs

Price Range = £25 to £160

Average Cost = £85

Cheapest Price = £25

Although a new conservatory is a great investment for any home-owner, you might be surprised at how quickly (and frequently) the extension gets dirty, especially on the outside. Destructive plants such as moss, algae and ivy soon crawl their way into the u-PVC walls and guttering, and birds regularly nest in the roof, leaving behind more waste for you to keep clearing up – and getting the ladder out of the shed (not to mention the correct brushes and tools) is more of a chore than you might suspect, especially if you start this kind of clean on a regular basis.

So if you are having a party or get-together and want the conservatory looking as fresh as when you first bought it, why not hire a professional roofing contractor to clean it for you? It may sound a little extravagant but there are numerous advantages to having a qualified man for the job round to save you a bit of extra time. For instance, a professional cleaner will be able to:

  • Use an industrial powered washer (including use of high-speed water jets) to clean glass windows inside and out, and reduce the level of visible smudges and smears.
  • Use a non-abrasive chemical product to remove stains and discolouration to the u-PVC or wooden exterior of the conservatory. If preferred this product can even be environmentally friendly, helping you to reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Rebuff any external stone cladding around the conservatory and patio area using a fully certified industrial machine.
  • Remove moss, grass, algae and grime from the edges and nooks-and-crannies around the exterior of the conservatory model, including between all windows and openings.
  • Loosen stones and dirt from the conservatory roof with a soft brush that prevents any scratching to the glass or frosted material.
  • Wash and dust the interior of the conservatory (if it’s cleared and pre-approved beforehand), including dwarf-wall restoration and floor varnishing if required.
  • Leave your conservatory looking as good as new in as little as 2-4 hours, clearing away any of their own equipment and putting things back exactly as they found them.
  • Offer anything from a 3-5 year guarantee that will usually include free follow-up cleaning if you encounter any future problems with the condition of your conservatory!

Conservatory Cleaning Cost

So if professional clean sounds more like what you’re after, don’t delay – get in touch with as many conservatory contractors and companies as possible to obtain free quotes and begin comparing the various conservatory cleaning prices on offer. It’s also important to make sure you can afford the job first – so just how much should a professional clean set you back?

Well, the final cost will depend on the size of your conservatory and the extent of cleaning you require, but  a professional conservatory clean can cost at anything between £25 to £160

Just remember that these are estimates , and for the most up-to-date prices you should always get in touch with as many contractors and companies as possible.

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