Want to save money by installing solar PV panels? We'll show you some of the the cheapest solar panel prices.

Summary of the cheapest solar panel prices

Price range = £180 to £600 for a solar kit

Average cost = £355 for a solar kit 

Cheapest professionally installed solar thermal panels = £1,000

Cheapest professionally installed solar PV panels = £5,500

Best / cheapest price = £180 for a solar kit

Although installing solar panels has become a popular way of saving money on heating and electric bills, the fact remains that installing even a couple of high-quality panels can be pretty expensive; usually costing at least £1,000.

Fortunately, however, manufacturers have started specialising in cheaper kits to make this new, energy-saving technology more accessible, so just about anyone can get started on making their home that little extra eco-friendly. These solar kit systems are suitable for DIY installation and are often battery powered. This means you won’t be able to power all your home appliances with a single system; but considering the low purchase cost you do end up recouping your money just as soon (if not sooner) as with a more elaborate or expensive system.

Depending on where you shop, you will usually find these cheap solar panel kits under the ‘DIY’ section of a manufacturer or retailing outlet; most high-street shops such as Homebase or B&Q have already started stocking the kits, but before buying anything you should compare a number of different quotes to look for the best deal. Looking online in particular might save you even more money; price-comparison website Selectsolar.co.uk lists the cheapest solar panel DIY kits at the following (average) prices:

  • 28w solar panel kits cost  £180
  • 40w solar panel kits are priced at £260
  • 60w solar panel kits cost £380
  • 120w solar panel kits are priced at £600

Of course, these battery powered models won’t last as long as the more traditional solar panel systems. Nevertheless, these cheap and easy-to-fit solar panel options still enable you to generate a small amount of electricity for your own home or apartment – thus reducing your energy bills and still helping the environment!

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