Was your garage or shed built using asbestos? If so, you could be at risk if the asbestos starts to deteriorate - find out how much asbestos garage and roof removal costs here to stay safe.
How much does a Asbestos Garage And Roof Removal cost?
Average cost in UK: £800
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The average cost for a asbestos garage and roof removal is £800. You are likely to spend between £350 and £2000 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.
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What was Asbestos used for?

Over the last century asbestos (a naturally occurring silicate material) was widely used across the UK building industry as a major construction material. As a result, any of us living in homes built before the year 2000 could be exposing ourselves and our families to this potentially harmful substance. While you might think that if you’ve had your home fully checked out everything is all-clear, think again; sheds and garages too were constructed using asbestos, and the material can still be lurking in these extensions despite being removed elsewhere.

Fortunately, the use of asbestos was banned by the EU in 1999, for any kind of building work. Since then numerous contractors have popped up across the country offering to remove the harmful substance, keeping you and your family safe in the garage and shed as well as the home. Remember, never attempt to remove asbestos yourself but hire professional asbestos removers are fully qualified by the Health and Safety Executive (a National construction regulator), and they are expertly trained in getting the job done with all the skills and tools necessary for safe removal.

Asbestos removal price calculation

The price of removing asbestos from your garage or asbestos garage roof removal will vary and depend on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Size – obviously, the larger your extension or out-building, the more you will have to fork out for asbestos removal, as the substance was rarely used in simply a part of a building rather than the entire property
  • Materials – the cost of asbestos removal might also depend on what your shed or garage is made of. It can be extremely difficult to extract and clean heavy woods, for instance, while it is a little easier to clear a corrugated roof of asbestos
  • Council Owned?  – some local councils might be willing to pay for asbestos removal or collection of asbestos.  Bromley for instance offers a single free collection for waste including asbestos, while Richmond-upon-Thames charges £44.00 for a single journey of no more than 200kg for asbestos removal and/or collection. If you live in a private property, however, you might not be eligible for these reduced rates.

As a guide we asked Wisetradesman community how much they paid for their asbestos removal project the average price came out at £784. For more specific prices for garage and shed asbestos removal, you should contact at least three local asbestos removal companies.

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